Project BG2, Week 21 – Fussy! Fussy! Fussy!

July 29, 2011 Project BG2 5

BG2 is another week older, smarter, cuter, and fussier!

This girl has been going crazy lately. I don’t know if she’s teething or what but she hasn’t been very happy lately. Usually she sleeps very well at night, we have to wake her up to feed her, but lately she’s been waking up crying or fussing and won’t even take a bottle. Not to mention it takes even longer than usual to put her sleep. She’s always been a challenge to get to sleep/nap or even to eat, but it’s been pretty rough this week.

She’s still eating her solids just fine, so that’s good. The formula isn’t going so well though. She’s not throwing up or anything, she just doesn’t seem as hungry as I think a baby should be. But she is still active, pooping & peeing just fine, so I guess I shouldn’t worry too much. She’s also been drooling a lot more lately so I really think she’s teething. Let’s hope she doesn’t get too upset once those lil’ chompers come in.

I have to say, this one is a spoiled one. She always wants to be held, fussing the second we put her down on the bed or floor and she doesn’t really care for tummy time. I try to balance her time out on her back, in her swing, walker, and bumbo; I even let her fuss a bit or cry it out while entertaining her with toys or my face (which only works for like a few minutes) but then I have to pick her up. I’m hoping she grows out of it soon!

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5 Responses to “Project BG2, Week 21 – Fussy! Fussy! Fussy!”

  1. Heather K

    What formula is your baby on? I know last week you posted she was very gassy. I beleive that she may be having an issue with the formula. Expecially if she doesnt want the formula but is eatting solids. If deffinalty worth a call to the drs.

  2. Vivian

    Thank you for your concern. She's bene on Enfamil Gentlease for a couple months now with off and on problems. She's not throwing up anymore like she used to, so that's good. We also added cereal to her milk so it might be that she's not hungry?!?! I only feed her solids for breakfast and the rest of the day she's on formula. I have asked the doctor, he's been trying to switch her to Soy, but I'm really hesitant about that, but he said as long as she's gaining weight she should be fine. Idk, it's only certain days she barely drinks and other days she drinks okay. I'll def bring it up again if anything.

  3. Heather K

    Lots of doctors think that soy is the answer to everything! But its not. Over 50% of babies that have issues digesting milk, have issues with soy. Plus the formula you are using has partial protien chains and soy formula has larger protein chains (the bigger the chain, the more you have to digest) Ask your doctor about changing the formula to Enfamil Nutramigen or Similac Alimentum. The proteins are broken down even further than Gentlease and may help. Most parents notice an improvement within 48 hours of switching to extensively hydrolyzed formulas. Putting her on rice shouldnt decrease her intake ammount but will help with the vomitting. Alot of the symptoms you have mentions (vomitting, fussy, not sleeping through the night) are often blamed on reflux. But milk protein intolerance can mirror reflux and lead to misdiagnosis. Its the gas and the fact that she is already on a partialy hydrolyzed formulas that makes me think she is havig issues digesting it. Sorry to just jump in like this. My son was a projectile vomiter for months untill we realized he was allergic to both milk and soy and had to be put on perscription formula.

  4. Uyen

    omg…your girls are super adorable! How far apart in age are they? They remind me so much of my girls!

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