Project BG2, Week 22 – Happy (Belated) 5 Months!

August 10, 2011 Project BG2 1

It’s finally happened! I missed a week! Sigh, this week was so draining for me, I barely had the energy to go online at all, let alone do a blog post (as evidenced by my lack of presence here lately). I had to work all week and it was crazy-busy because it was the beginning of the month. Anyways, this isn’t the post for that topic!

BG2 is 5 MONTHS! She amazes me everyday with all the new things she’s learning and how perceptive she’s getting. Nothing much is new though, still doing good on the solids and she loves sucking on fruits, it’s so cute and funny when she does. The formula situation has settled a bit, I guess she’s just one of those babies who doesn’t need a lot of it (although I will be bringing it up to the doctor repeatedly and, if needed, switching formulas again, thanks to the advice & care of one fabulous reader Heather).

I have noticed that she’s gotten taller and her toes have gotten longer, haha. Her feet aren’t as chubbi as before, sigh, but at least she still has those “thunder thighs”. Oh, and her hair is growing quite rapidly, definitely faster than her sister’s, although it’s a bit patchy, with the most growth in the middle of her head, so weird yet so cute (I have to take a picture for the next entry, haha).

She still drools like a leaky faucet, sometimes manages to get her toes in her mouth, still hates tummy time, and constantly wants to stand up (curious kitten). Oh, and she’s getting more and more spoiled! We can barely put her down for a second before she starts whimpering and wants to be held. We need to learn not to give in!

7.27.11 7.28.11 7.29.11 7.30.11 7.31.11 8.1.11 8.2.11
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One Response to “Project BG2, Week 22 – Happy (Belated) 5 Months!”

  1. Steph B.

    <3 so beautiful!
    It's amazing how fast they grow eh?
    My LG just started rolling across the room, and terrorizing our dog.

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