Project BG2, Week 23 – Sitting, Standing & Teething

August 11, 2011 Project BG2 5

Alright, let’s get back into this! We’re chugging right on through the 5th month here. All this girl ever wants to do is sit/stand up or be held. She’s getting to that point where she wants to be entertained and needs attention or else she’ll fuss. She’s finally managed to move forward in her walker, so she’s moving all around the living room, while happily munching on her giraffe.

She’s getting into her pulling and banging stage! You’d be wise to tie up your hair, avoid long earrings, and be prepared for some slaps in the face (lil’ girl punched me in the eye the other day!) when you’re holding her, haha. It’s crazy how her hands always manage to find a few stray hairs of mine to grab onto. She’s also showing the beginning stages of teething, slight fevers here and there, increased fussiness, always wanting something to chew on. We try to massage her gums as much as possible, and I do it every morning and night anyways, so hopefully it won’t be too bad, I mean, it’s inevitable and a stage we’ll have to endure regardless. I really can’t wait to see those adorable lil’ chompers emerge although I will miss her lil’ toothless smiles.

It should also be noted that BG2 lights up whenever she sees her dad and especially when she sees her sister. BG1 has been doing this coughing bit lately and whenever she does, the baby laughs hysterically like it’s the funniest thing in the world, so cute! She also loves watching baseball with her dad or playing on the iPad with her sister and it’s so sweet to see them all bond and be a family. The only thing I’m really good for is holding her while she looks at/plays with them or put her to sleep. I suppose it’s a good thing and a natural thing for moms, since I’m the “soother” not the “fun one”, haha. Of course, she does know who her Mommy is and smiles/laughs with me, so I’m not complaining.

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