Project BG2, Week 24 – My First Cold

August 18, 2011 Project BG2 3

It’s Week 24 in the life of BG2, which means she’s technically 6 months (but unofficially until Sept. 2nd) and she’s a lively one.

The bad thing about this week was that she got sick sometime around Sunday. It was just a cold, but it was her first, and it has been a rough couple of nights. It breaks my heart to see her so uncomfortable and hear her with her runny/stuffy nose while coughing up a storm (no fever though, so luckily it’s not that bad). Poor baby! Right now she seems to be getting better, she’s still a bit cranky and fussy, still coughing (which is supposed to be good because it means she’s coughing up all that mucus and stuff) and she lost her voice a little (which is sad but so cute when she speaks, haha), but otherwise she’s pretty active and smiling so I’m happy.

The teething is going along pretty well, I can actually feel the hardness of a tooth or two at her top, front gums so hopefully I’ll see a little white popping out soon. The whole formula thing, I’ve come to realize, fluctuates, some days she’ll drink an adequate amount and other days just a little. But she’s still a playful, active, and LOUD baby who poops and pees on par with the rest of them, so I can’t ask for much more than that. Right now she’s 17.8 lbs and I’m hoping she’ll hit 20 lbs by the time she has her 6 month check-up, but we’ll see how that goes.

She’s definitely not as talkative as she used to be, but the girl is quite spoiled. We put her down for just a second and she starts squirming and crying. We’re working on resisting! She’s mastered the art of rolling over, although most of the time I’ve seen her roll to her right. I also think she’s starting to recognize her name because she turns whenever we call her, which is awesome. She’s also become quite grabby lately and will try to get her chubbi lil’ fingers on whatever is near her. It’s funny because sometimes we’ll have her sitting on the bed all casual and the next thing you know, she’s lept forward because she sees something she wants to grab! So cute!

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