Project BG2: Week 25 – Miss Cranky Pants

August 25, 2011 Project BG2 1

Time for another entry in the good old photo diary for BG2.

Lil’ girl has definitely been super cranky this week. I think it’s time to admit that I’ve got a difficult baby on my hands.

She used to be such a great night sleeper, we’d have to wake her up to feed her at night. But, ever since she had her cold a few weeks ago, she’s been waking up once or twice every night, crying and cranky. I really hope it’s a phase and that she’s suffering from teething and/or growing pains because Momma’s getting a wee bit frustrated.

As she’s getting older, certain characteristics are shining through and I can’t help but compare them to us:

– She’s one difficult/stubborn baby (tough like her Mom)
– She’s got that smile that can win over even the strongest of people and a laugh that can bring joy to a whole auditorium full of people (a charmer like her Dad)
– She loves to slap her Dad whenever he holds her (I admit, I’m a hitter)
– You’ll often hear her screaming and talking loudly, making her presence undoubtedly known (I do have a loud voice at times)
– She’s the splitting image of her father (those cheeks & that smile)

I would say that at this point in time, BG1 looks like me, but takes after her father and BG2 is the exact opposite, looks just like her dad, but has my personality. We’ll see how that changes has time progresses though.

I’m starting to notice that this girl loves eating real food, often staring at us while we eat or nomming happily on a piece of fruit or whatever else we try to give her (and scowling/fussing when we take it away). She definitely seems more interested in solid food than milk so I’m eager to get her to try new things, but for now I’m still making her the homemade baby food and giving her some Gerber baby food whenever possible.

Lastly, the baby sure knows how to live the good life! If you start massaging her feet, she’ll sit so still and enjoy this little perk like she’s been working hard on her feet all day. It’s cute and funny that she loves it so much, and makes me wonder how she’ll be in the future, haha.

8.17.11 8.18.11 8.19.11 8.20.11 8.21.11 8.22.11 8.23.11
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