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One of the biggest problems a parent has to deal with for their baby involves the car seat and the environment.

Back in the day, I always had to use a blanket to cover the car seat to protect my baby from the sun, wind, or rain; but it was such a hassle because the blanket would always fall off or flap in the wind and some parts wouldn’t cover the car seat just right. I just knew there was a better way.

I searched around for car seat covers and found a plethora of options, most of them just cloths with straps for the car seat handle. They were nice for a sunny/slightly rainy day, but I didn’t think they were really worth it.

Until I found the SnoozeShade.

The SnoozeShade was created by Mompreneur Cara Sayer and I have to say, she did a fabulous job creating such an amazing product.

Originally created for strollers, the SnoozeShade product line has grown to include the SnoozeShade for car seats, the SnoozeShade Plus, & the SnoozeShade Twin. I had the great opportunity to test out the SnoozeShade for car seats and now I can’t live without it.

The SnoozeShade for Car Seats:

  • is made from a double layer of soft dark breathable fabric which blocks 94% of light
  • in full sleep mode, cuts out visual stimuli to help babies get the sleep they need
  • makes transporting baby from car to pram or pram to indoors easy
  • can be used to provide extra shade when in hood-extender mode
  • provides a shady and well-ventilated sleep environment
  • has elasticated top and sides with easy-to-attach Velcro straps to ensure SnoozeShade fits easily to most popular infant carriers with upright rigid handles
  • enables you to check quietly and easily on baby via SnoozeShade’s ‘sneak-a-peek’ front access
  • is compact enough to keep with you at all times; it folds into a small drawstring bag to pop into your change bag, handbag, hang off travel system’s handles or store in your travel system’s basket
  • protects babies from the sun with the highest sun protection – UPF50+
  • I love that it was easy to put on, just strap it on the car seat handle, via the adjustable velcro straps, and you’re good to go! My favorite part about the SnoozeShade is that it has the elastic sides that lets it cling to your car seat so you never have to worry about it slipping off or that a part of it isn’t protecting your baby. It comes in a universal black color that goes with anything and has a zippered opening in the front so you can look at your little one to make sure they’re okay.

    It totally blocks out the sun, which BG2 hates, so baby can sleep without interruptions and keeps out the rain and wind, yet it is also made of a mesh-like, breathable material that allows baby to get air and breath normally. When baby is awake, I just have to pull back the SnoozeShade up over the handle and BG2 has a clear view of her surroundings. I’ve been using it with BG2 for awhile now and she doesn’t seem to mind at all and I’ve been loving all the comments and compliments I’ve been getting whenever we go out. It also comes with a mesh bag to place it in when you’re not using it, or to carry other things, if needed.

    I honestly love the SnoozeShade and would highly recommend it to any parent or family.

    You can get the SnoozeShade for car seats on Amazon for the affordable price of $30.49. Be sure to check back when I review the SnoozeShade Original.

    Disclaimer: All opinions expressed in this post are 100% mine and were not the result of any type of monetary or compensatory gain. I would like to thank SnoozeShade for providing a sample of their product for this review. For details, please consult my PR Policy. Thank you.

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