9 Returning Shows I’m Dying to See

September 7, 2011 Television 1

1. The Vampire Diaries (Thurs. 8:00pm EST on The CW) – Premieres Sept. 15th: Klaus is now part vampire/part wolf! Stefan has gone rogue! Damon & Elena spend more and more time together! Oh how the plot thickens and the drama ensues. Although I’m totally Team Stelena, I’ve always had a soft spot for Damon and love the chemistry they share. Honestly, I’m more into their drama than any of the other characters so I’m hoping the produces throw fans like me a HUGE bone and give us some juicy scenes.

2. The Big Bang Theory (Thurs 8:00pm EST on CBS) – Premieres Sept. 22nd: Awkward! Penny & Raj slept together! Poor Leonard! Luckily, sources report that there won’t be a relationship developing there and there’s always hope that one day Penny & Leonard will get back together (that’s wishful thinking on my part). I can’t wait to see how that all plays out and I absolutely love Bernadette & Wolowitz together so I’m excited for their nuptials. Amy & Sheldon are hilarious, as usual, and I look forward to the laughs this show is sure to bring me once again.

3. Psych (Wed. 10:00pm EST on USA) – Premieres Oct. 12th: I love Shawn and Juliet together and am so happy they finally are. I also enjoyed the Yin & Yang story arc and thought last season’s finale was awesome! I’ve always enjoyed each of their episodes and mysteries and you can’t beat the hilarious dynamic of Shawn & Gus. I can’t wait to see what crazy messes they get into next.

4. Desperate Housewives (Sun. 9:00pm EST on ABC) – Premieres Sept. 25th: I can’t believe it’s the LAST SEASON! I love this show! Last season left the ladies of Wisteria Lane bound together by a terrible secret (personally, I loved how they all came together to help their friend) which, I’m sure, will come to light this season. I can’t believe Tom & Lynette are seperating! I know they had their differences and tough times, but I love them as a couple! Since this is the last season, I hope the producers do the show justice and end it with a BANG!

5. Grey’s Anatomy (Thurs. 9:00 EST on ABC) – Premieres Sept. 22nd: I am seriously hating this storyline about Mer. Yes, it was wrong of her, but she didn’t do anything worse than what the others, like, ahem- Izzy Stevens, have done in the past and I especially hate how self-righteous Derek is about it all. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE MerDer, but Derek himself, irks me! Anyways, I’m really, really, REALLY hoping Cristina keeps the baby because I love her and Owen together and because I would love to see her have a baby and all. Also, I’m secretly hoping, have been and always will be, that the writers will take pity on Slexie shippers and get Mark & Lexie back together! I’m not a fan of Avery & Lexie at all!

6. How I Met Your Mother (Mon. 8:00pm EST on CBS) – Premieres Sept. 19th: I am SO ready to see who the “Mother” is, it’s not even funny! I feel like they’ve digressed from the premise of the show for so long that the season finale was refreshing and gave me a renewed sense of interest because it’s the pivotal “Wedding scene” where Ted meets his future wife. It’s also revealed that the wedding is indeed Barney’s wedding! I’m really hoping he marries Robin because they’re really great together. I know they’ve been promised a couple more seasons, but come on! Throw the fans some bigger bones here and focus on Ted and the “Mother”!

7. House (Mon. 9:00pm EST on Fox) – Premieres Oct. 3rd: Last season’s finale left us in shock as House drove his car through Cuddy’s house in a fit of rage and childish anger, as per the typical House. Fans know that we’ll be starting the season off with House in jail and Cuddy, sadly, off the show! (Lisa will be missed!) I’m definitely curious as to how the show will progress and what new drama the writers will come up with, although I’ve always been in it more for the medical mysteries than anything else.

8. Cougar Town (Tues. 9:00pm EST on ABC) – Premiere TBA: Love this comedy! Everything about this show is so random and I love the quirky stuff the writers come up with like “Penny Can!” or “Joe & Carl”. All the characters are hilarious and despite the name, which I never really paid attention to, this show has massive potential and I’m eager for its return. Even though Jules and Grayson disagree on the whole “kids” issue, they’re still trying to work things out, which is great because I love them together, and I really hope they find some kind of compromise on that. Poor Travis! I really thought Kirsten was going to say “yes” to his proposal, but I did enjoy their trip to Hawaii and seeing Ted again! (Yay Scrubs!) I’m hoping for more cameos and laughs from this great show!

9. Happy Endings (Wed. 9:30 EST on ABC) – Premieres Sept. 28th: This show kind of came from nowhere and I wasn’t sure how I felt about it at first, but I found myself watching episode after episode on Hulu and by the end of it all, I was hooked. It’s pretty funny, kind of like a Friends/Scrubs sitcom feeling, and the cast is refreshing. Each episode stands alone and is filled with funny moments that make me “LOL”. It’s based on the premise of these two people, Alex & Dave, who broke off their wedding (she left him), but still remained friends (after an awkward phase) because of their social group. Each episode is basically their weekly hilarious antics within their circle of friends, which includes a married, inter-racial couple (love ’em!), a gay guy (too funny!), and a single gal (a bit desperate and lonely, but oh so cute!). It’s a fun show and I look forward to the next season.


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