My Twitter Personality, Graphically Visualized

September 30, 2011 Technology 2

I recently came across this awesome website, that house those cool, funny, and interesting graph images that I’m sure you’ve seen all over the web at some point. It’s great that they have so many in one location so you can laugh over all the crazy things people come up with.

Well, lets just say I’ve wasted quite a bit of time perusing this site and I love it. I always enjoyed learning new information, and what better way to do it than visually. I love how cute their cartoon graphics are and it’s something to talk about at least.

I saw that they allowed you to Twitterize yourself to see how your status is on Twitter, so of course I had to try it out.

Here’s what I got:

For the most part, it seems accurate, although I don’t think I talk about food that much, but I do tweet a lot of smiley faces haha.


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