Project BG2, Week 26 – Last Days of Being a Newborn

September 1, 2011 Project BG2 4

It’s Week 26 here in the land of BG2 and things are starting to look up. She’s been a little less fussy this week, more playful, and we can definitely feel the makings of a tooth sprouting through her top gum!

She’s starting that lovely stage where she gets all clingy and only wants Mommy, yay! So most of my time is spent holding her or playing with her, which I suppose, I don’t mind so much, but it can make doing anything else next to impossible. She’s also starting to develop stranger anxiety and she notices when you leave the room or come back. Lil’ girl is becoming mighty perceptive.

We’ve started to let her nom on some foods here and there, like crackers, fruits, even the occasional chicken wing, just so she can get a taste of new and interesting food. Let me tell you, that girl is a future foodie! She is all wide-eyed whenever someone around her is eating something and opens her mouth nice and big when a hand gets anywhere near her face, hoping that it’s holding something for her to nibble on. Once she’s got a taste for something, she’ll fuss and screech at you if you take it away before she’s done with it. She hasn’t exactly swallowed anything yet since she’s not ready for that, but she’s definitely working those taste buds.

8.24.11 8.25.11 8.26.11 8.27.11 8.28.11 8.29.11 8.30.11
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  1. Shawntele

    Oh she is adorable, cute photos!!

    I am dropping by via triberr (Mom Bloggers tribe) to say hello and am glad to see you are a SITS Girl too!!! I think I will follow along…
    My recent post Learn {Video}

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