Project BG2, Week 28 – I Want My Mommy!

September 15, 2011 Project BG2 0

Well, well, well…looks like my baby is another week older, another week wiser, and another week cuter!

BG2 is doing great! Growing bigger by the day and more perceptive. It amazes me how much she’s learning everyday and her curiosity is so precious. We’re trying more new foods for her to nibble on like cheetos, crackers, popsicles, etc. She loves trying new foods, even if she ends up gagging on her saliva afterwards because she’s produces so much, haha. She sits like a champ, but she’s starting this thing where she kind of jumps or throws herself at something or someone in front of her so we still have to keep an eye on her because this girl can not sit still for a second!

She’s also finally learned how to follow people, or reach out to people she wants to hold her. She’s developing stranger anxiety and it’s so funny to see her being held by someone she doesn’t know and she starts to cry or gets really quiet, folding into herself and shielding herself from them. She’s a spoiled one so she’s always willing and ready to reach out to a loved one to hold her and we love competing to see who she’ll follow.

The big thing that I’m noticing lately is that BG2 is SUPER clingy to me. This girl will always look around to make sure I’m still in the same room as her and if she sees me walking away, she starts fussing, whining, and/or crying. She’ll reach out to me in a heartbeat and leap at me or “walk” to me (in her walker) quicker than lightning. The challenge comes at bed time because she will only let me put her to sleep. I have to be the one to rock her to sleep because when her dad holds her at night she screams and cries until the second she’s in my arms! It’s crazy how much this girl wants me, and I love the attention and love from my little princess, but Daddy’s not feeling the love! Haha, well, at least she looks like him!

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