Project BG2, Week 30 – Fall Makes Me Sickie

September 29, 2011 Project BG2 0

Well, this week has been kind of crappy since BG2 has been sick. Just a cold, but still uncomfortable. That means she’s barely eating/drinking and she’s cranky all the time. Let me tell you, nights are not pretty when this girl is sick!

We took her out to a restaurant this week, which we rarely do because she’s a handful (and honestly, we don’t have the energy to tow around two kids in public, hence the lack of excitement in our lives currently), and she handled pretty well. She played with their spoons and menu stuff and enjoyed looking at all the people while we ate. We might do it again!

The latter part of the week consisted of her spending time at Grandma’s house because I’ve been on “Study Mode Lockdown” for my upcoming test. Sigh, I’ve been missing her like crazy! But, we’ve been doing the “Facetime” thing (finally, putting it to good use) and The Hubbi takes pics for me everyday so it hasn’t been that bad. And I get to have my baby back in my arms tomorrow night and for the weekend. We will actually be spending Saturday outside at a couple kid-friendly events (pray for me) so I’m hoping to take some pictures and actually get out there!

Hmmm, no teeth yet. Still babbling & drooling. She’s actually been fairly good in the car lately, SHOCK! Let’s hope I don’t jinx it though…

9.22.11 9.23.11 9.24.11 9.25.11 9.26.11 9.27.11 9.28.11
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