Sundays With Vi3tBabe and Kids

September 26, 2011 Family, Parenting 11

One of the bloggers that I stalk religiously, Jill from Baby Rabies, has challenged the people of the blogosphere to capture a day in their lives via photos. Naturally, I jumped at the chance to give a legitimate reason as to why I always have my camera near me, in addition to taking daily photos of the little one for Project BG2.

I love the idea of really showing how your life is, and everyone loves pictures (I suppose it’s because people don’t like have time to read). Jill did a great job showing off just how awesome her days are, as always, and I finally had the time and energy to show you all my day.

I chose Sunday because that’s the day when, since school started, that the whole family is together (well, in the mornings at least, thanks to FOOTBALL SEASON) and it’s when both of us have off from work so it’d definitely be more interesting for you all instead of seeing a bunch of pictures of me doing nails. Right??? Right????

Okay, here goes…

9ish AM
Gotta love waking up to this face every morning! She’s up, energized, and playful at 7:30AM sharp; cared for by The Hubbi until I wake up around 8-9AM.
10ish AM
Getting baby stuff packed and ready for Grandma’s house since, sadly, she’ll be living there for quite some time while I prepare for my BIG EXAM. My heart is breaking…and I’m still amazed at the amount of crap babies need.
11ish AM
Doing some food shopping before heading to my Mom’s house. Brought out the Clean Shopper for the first time since I used it so many years ago. I’m thinking she likes it.
12ish PM
Watching The Hubbi leave to watch Football at his cousin’s house. I do miss him, but better he enjoy the games with his friends than bore me to death watching it next to me at the house.
2ish PM
This is how Big Sister plays with Little Sister, since I told her to play with her sister and this is what she chose to do. The baby loves that Jumperoo, but honestly, I don’t even remember having that thing when BG1 was a baby, yet her uncle brought it up from the basement to use for the baby one day?!? Go figure.
4ish PM
Happily nomming on what I can only guess is a tree!?!?! Idk, it was a gift from a friend who bought it at an organic/“green” store so I’m sure they’re all for the trees. ANYWAYS, she loves biting down on its “ears” (which, I now realize negates my idea of it being a tree…dammit, if I wanna call it a tree, I’m calling it a tree), as you can tell by the darker color compared to the rest of its body.
6ish PM
Auntie tries to get the baby to crawl to her, but to no avail. She’d sooner cry and fuss than move a centimeter on her belly. She’ll walk like a champ though as long as someone’s holding her hands (the cutest thing).
7ish PM
Chowing down her SECOND bowl of Wonton Noodle Soup (courtesy of Grandma). Yum! That’s probably one of her favorite noodles. Love it myself, especially if it’s made by my Momma!
9ish PM
Trying to, unsuccessfully, put the baby to sleep (she always looks at the camera). I swear, it’s a workout getting her to sleep no matter how exhausted she is, BUT, once she’s out, she sleeps like a champ!

Be sure to join in on all the snap-happy fun and link up with the rest of us here!


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11 Responses to “Sundays With Vi3tBabe and Kids”

  1. @babyrabies

    Perfect 🙂 She is such a cutie. Leyna fights (like really, physically fights) going to sleep, too! Must be early signs of determination. Thanks so much for participating!

  2. Asianmommy

    Your baby is adorable all day long! & Your clean shopper is so cute–I had one, too, but only used it a few times. Every time I used it though, people came up to me, told me how much they loved it, and asked me where to get it.

  3. BoonieSooze

    What beautiful children you have. I remember those days, and wish that I had been blogging back then and captured a few of my own memories the way you have captured yours. I think you're going to be so glad you did this in years to come!!!!

  4. Vivian

    Thank you so much! Yea, I had to bring out that clean shopper from storage. I used to use it all the time with BG1, but only once in awhile now. They're kids! What doesn't kill them will only make 'em stronger!

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