Hold My Hand

October 21, 2011 Marriage, On My Mind 6

I finished reading Everneath last night around 3 am, review to come, and was compelled to look at my husband while he was sleeping, and smile.

I won’t spoil the book for anyone but lets just say it’s a bit sad. One of the male leads, Jack, is so passionate and in love, along with the things he does throughout the story, it reminded me of my husband.

I don’t usually get emotional (hate to cry), and I’m not very touchy-feely (childhood scaring I suppose); but I cuddled up to my husband (not an everyday occurrence) and basked in his unique “man smell” and enjoyed being close to the one I love.


Things got a little carried away when he woke up because I was huggin’ up on him…but that’s not what this is about.

I just find myself very blessed to have him in my life. He’s not only a great husband, but an even better father, which makes me love him even more. It’s funny how things with him come so easily and feels so natural, I forget how life was before him. He’s flawed, naturally, and I haven’t given up my belief that all men are jerks to some degree; but for the most part, I am one of the lucky ones.

I landed a good guy. Love you, Husband!

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6 Responses to “Hold My Hand”

  1. Tommy

    I love u my wife! It's because of u that I am the way I am! I thank you for opening my eyes to a life I never thought was possible! U gave me a future! I love u babe!

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