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October 12, 2011 Blog Related, On My Mind 0

Hi everybody! (Say it like Dr. Nick, please!)

I bet you’re all DYING to know what’s been up in my life. Okay, you don’t have to pull my arm, I’ll tell you.

1. The date is set for December 19, 2011 at 9AMTHE BIG EXAM.

This, of course, means I will be scarce on the blog front for the next couple of months. Oh you’ll see a few new things here and there so don’t lose hope, but probably the only thing I’ll be keeping up with is Project BG2 (I can’t let that one go now!) and my Book Reviews (They’re already done and scheduled because I won’t be getting much fun reading done from now until the test). I’ll have to post my Christmas Wishlist, no doubt, and I’m working on getting some guest posts and writing prompts written this week in here as well to fill the void of the actual me, so NEVER FEAR!

*That also means, however, that I will be putting a pause on So Followed Saturday until next year because of my exam and the upcoming holidays. So sorry for those who like that feature, but I promise to bring it back stronger and better next year!*

2. New Blog Eye Candy is in the works.

I’m getting my blog design redone again, courtesy of Wacky Jacqui’s Designs and I can’t wait to unveil the finished piece. I’m going for a more professional, yet simple, yet family-friendly look (pray for Jacqui) and I’m super excited.  Also, in keeping with my Blog Critique, I’ll also be rearranging some things around the blog, revamping my About Me and PR pages, and a whole bunch of other things. So, if you see things slowly changing around the blog, that’s why.

3. The kids are GONE!

Sadly, the kids are currently at my mother’s house and will remain there until Christmas time. BG1 has school, of course, and BG2 is there so I’m not distracted since she’s so clingy and I am her mother. They are both under the loving care of The Hubbi and the 10 people living in my mother’s house, so they’re good! Don’t worry! It just sucks to be away from them again, but that’s just one of the sacrifices I have to make to do this “Become a Doctor” dream I’ve had for so long. Thank goodness for Skype (however sucky the connection can get sometimes) and FaceTime (ditto).

I could go on about other stuff I’m working on, but then I’d be giving away all of my secrets! Who does that?!?!

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