Project BG2, Week 31 – How Did You Get Under the Bed?!

October 6, 2011 Project BG2 3

Well, she’s still fighting off the ends of a cold, runny nose & coughing, but it hasn’t been that bad. The crankiness has subsided, somewhat. I’m just hoping she doesn’t get The Hubbi sick since he catches things pretty easily. Men!

BG2 has shown signs of movement! She now expertly scoots backwards, her preferred form of crawling for now and you’ll occasionally see her doing her spinning act as she determines which way she wants to go. So cute! We just laugh at her as she struggles to get around and eventually finds her way under a bed or table.

She rolls over with the best of them now and you won’t find her on her back for more than a minute before she rolls over. She’s taken to lunging more often now and reaching for things can cause her to topple over and hit her head on the floor, if only we had carpet. But, I’ve decided to go out and buy those rubber ABC mats (Toys R Us is having a sale!) so hopefully she won’t be too banged up after that.

She’s actually following her dad more now that she’s spending time at Grandma’s, which is great for his self esteem since you know you can’t mess with a man’s ego. Of course, when she’s home she’ll inevitably find her way to me, but she’s taken to following him on occasion so YAY for me!

We’ve started her on some juice lately and I think she likes it. I used to think it was a bottle thing, like she didn’t like drinking from it and preferred real food, but she’ll take juice so maybe she just doesn’t care for the taste of formula. Picky eater!

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