Project BG2, Week 32 – I Can Wear Shoes Now!

October 13, 2011 Project BG2 5

How does time just keep on flying by like this?!?!

BG2 is already 32 weeks, in one sense she’s already 8 months! Sigh, before you know it she’ll be 1 year old! I want my baby back!

Okay, moving on…

This week has been a bit temperamental since I think BG2 is going through a growth spurt or having growing pains, teething pains, or just plain cranky because she’s been very short tempered. Now the experts say it’s not possible to spoil your baby, but it seems like BG2 is spoiled. Not only does she always want to be held, she’ll scream for me or her dad (if I’m not there) and we’re the ones who usually have to put her to bed. It’s kind of sad because since she’s up at my mother’s house right now, that means The Hubbi doesn’t usually get home until around 10pm.

She’s also been waking up at night! I’ve told many people, who were surprised, that BG2 has been a great baby at night, always managing to sleep through the night ever since she was about a month old. Sure, she’d had her moments here and there where she’d fuss or whatnot, but for the most part, I never had a consistent problem. She was with me this weekend and a few days here and there and I noticed that she’ll wake up in the middle of the night?!? Not really crying or anything, just awake and talking. I’ll have to sit with her and play a little bit (half asleep, I might add) and then give her a bottle and rock her to sleep. I don’t know if it’s because I still try to give her two naps a day and she’s getting older so she needs less sleep?!?

She’s still crying up a storm in the car though, The Hubbi has to fight himself everyday to resist her cries while he’s driving her up to my mom’s house. We bought the mat and she loves to sit on it and pull out the letters, so cute!

Oh! We finally managed to get some shoes on her chunky little feet! Yay! I was so upset when I bought shoes before she was born, only to find out she couldn’t fit them because the tops of her feet were so fat they wouldn’t fit into her size shoes?!?! After I got some shoes that would fit her, we took her outside in her walker to test them out. Yep, they’re all scoffed up now, but well worth it.

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