Project BG2, Week 33 – I Like Making Daddy Work

October 20, 2011 Project BG2 2

I’m so late with this, but Happy 33 weeks BG2! I keep lamenting that you need to stop growing, but that’s life! I see pictures of your younger self flashing on my laptop screen and smile, think back through these past few months and just awe in amazement. I also revel in the now and how you’re such a playful baby, drools like a you’ve got a hose in your mouth, and how you’ve got that irresistible smile that could launch a thousand ships (Oh! Greek mythology reference FTW!).

You’re finally starting to adjust to life at Grandma’s, jumping for joy whenever you see her and promptly wiggling around, scooching towards her until she picks you up (much to the joy of Grandma and dismay of Daddy). It’s crazy how much you drool nowadays, and yet there’s still NO TEETH! Can I just see a little bit of white on your gums to make all the wet clothes and bibs worth it?!

You’ve mastered the art of transitioning from a sitting position to a tummy time position flawlessly, it was so much fun watching you work through it for awhile until you conquered your fear of falling on your face and built up more muscle strength. You have a strange obsession for paper, tags, and boxes, which means I don’t have to buy you expensive toys (YESSSS!), but I have to watch out so you don’t end up eating paper all the time (not a healthy part of your diet, I’m afraid).

The spitting up has finally subsided, although you’ll occasionally go all exorcist on me and throw up all your food, but then you’ll go right back to being your happy, playful self and Daddy’s left cleaning up your mess. Poor guy!

Yay for pictures!

10.13.11 10.14.11 10.15.11 10.16.11 10.17.11 10.18.11 10.19.11
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2 Responses to “Project BG2, Week 33 – I Like Making Daddy Work”

  1. Vivian

    Thank you! Yes, babies are amazed by the simplest things! No need for expensive toys, just give 'em paper & boxes LOL!

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