Project BG2, Week 34 – The Quiet Baby Has Left the Building

October 27, 2011 Project BG2 6

Look! 34 weeks! Wow, this girl is growing fast!

At this stage, she’s mastered “the lunge”, much to our hearts mixed dis/content. Love that she’s learning and growing, but so afraid she’s gonna bust a lip or something whenever she tries to reach for something she wants. No crawling yet, although she’s a pro at doing a 360 on her tummy and she’s got her Daddy’s excellent reversing skills! I’m debating if she’ll crawl at all since she hates being on her tummy so much, so we’ll see.

Want piece and quiet?! Well, you’re not gonna get any around this little girl! She will talk your ear off! All you’ll hear is “ba, ba, ba” & “da, da, da”. Adorable? Yes. Confusing? Possibly. Will she listen when we tell her to “shhh”? Of course not, she’s a baby! I am enjoying hearing her talk though and it’s interesting seeing her face because she thinks she’s having an actual conversation with you, raising a cute eyebrow making sure you respond to her with either a facial expression or some words. Her uncle is frantically repeating the mantra “Uncle Danny” in the hopes that it’ll be her first words since BG1’s first word was “Erica” (their aunt’s name).

BG2 also enjoys playing this clapping/singing game that is kind of a “thing” (for lack of a better term) in our culture. She hasn’t mastered hand-clapping yet, but loves when we clap her hands together and sing the song. Smiles all around! But nothing makes this girl happier than playing with her Big Sister, which makes me smile extra wide. Love them!

Still no teeth yet! Sigh, you would think with all that drool & munching on things something would break through those gums. Nothing! Nada! Zip! But, I keep telling myself to enjoy those toothless grins while they last because the next time she’ll be without teeth, it won’t be so cute anymore (and who knows if I’ll live to see that!).

10.20.11 10.21.11 10.22.11 10.23.11 10.24.11 10.25.11 10.26.11
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