BABY FACTS – Live ’em, Love ’em, Laugh at ’em

November 7, 2011 BG2, Parenting 5

I’ve come to realize quite a few facts about BG2, aged 8 months. I thought I’d share SOME of the many with you:

Baby Fact #1: My baby drools like there’s a water hose in her mouth, but instead of spraying cool, refreshing water, it leaks an endless amount of saliva with no way to turn it off. We’ve resorted to layering her bibs and are always at the ready with a washcloth; although that doesn’t do much to the pools of drool on the floors, furniture, and our arms.

Baby Fact #2: My baby loathes the car seat like it’s the electric chair, squirming, crying, and screaming to the point where she either cries herself to sleep or throws up; sometimes both. I’m sure you can imagine the fun of cleaning that up! Please ignore those crusted and caked-up bits of formula and questionable stains in my car.

Baby Fact #3: My baby has become addicted to The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Oh, but not the show, just the opening and closing theme songs, which I had to download and edit into a mix video along with her other favorite songs (the Victorious and SpongeBob Squarepants theme songs and the Gummy Bear song, yes, that song). The Husband has memorized those songs to his discontent and will often have nightmares of a Mickey Mouse/Gummy Bear mashup.

Baby Fact #4: My baby is ridiculously spoiled in that she is now the proud owner of an iPad (courtesy of Grandma), complete with said mix video, looped to play forever and ever and ever until The Hubbi or my extended family goes insane because they have to drive her to and from the daycare and that’s the ONLY way she’ll remain calm in the car, some of the time at least.

Baby Fact #5: My baby likes to be pampered. She knows that the people around her will bend over backwards for her, so she never tries to hold her bottle, even though we all know she can. When eating her solids, she requires one person to feed her, one to massage her fat feet, and one to entertain her by clapping her hand or singing to her. The only time she lays completely still (with a relaxed, joyful look) is when someone is kissing her up and down her chubby body. Yea, she’s got it like that!

Don’t even get me started on how she’ll see someone she knows will pick her up, gives that pouty “sour face”, goes “eh!”, and gets rewarded with a pick-up because my family can’t seem to see her cry?!?!

Yep, that’s my baby!

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5 Responses to “BABY FACTS – Live ’em, Love ’em, Laugh at ’em”

  1. Vivian

    Thank you!

    Isn't it?!? I love my kids to pieces & life w/o them is SO incomplete/unnatural now haha. Love seeing them look at me with that "mommy love", melts my heart.

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