Book Review: The Psychology of Twilight by E. David Klonsky & Alexis Black

November 9, 2011 Young Adult Book Reviews 0 ★★★

Book Review: The Psychology of Twilight by E. David Klonsky & Alexis BlackTitle: The Psychology of Twilight by E. David Klonsky, Alexis Black
Published by: Smart Pop on October 4, 2011
Genres: Nonfiction
Source: The Publisher
Format: Paperback
Pages: 272
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You’ve read the books. You’ve seen the films. Now get inside the heads of your favorite Twilight characters (just like Edward can!) in The Psychology of Twilight.
Explore the minds and motives of Bella, Edward, Jacob, and more with a deeper look at the series that’s captured the hearts—and psyches—of millions. Find out:
• How Edward and Jacob match up in an evolutionary psychology smackdown for Bella’s—and our—affection• Whether Bella’s motorcycle-riding and cliff diving in New Moon are suicidal—or her salvation• Why vampires and werewolves aren’t so different after all (at least psychologically)• The emotional appeal of love stories like Bella and Edward’s• Why being a part of Twilight fandom is good for your psychological health
Snuggle up on the closest chaise, and get ready to revisit the Twilight Saga—with some professional help.

I’m a true sucker for anything Twilight and when I heard about this book coming out, I had to check it out.

Psychology has always been an intriguing topic for me and I know everyone wonders why people are so addicted to The Twilight Saga, so it was nice to have actual professionals kind of break it all down for you. There were some very interesting parts, like what people look for inmates, feelings of attachment, and Bella’s perspective of life and death; all clinically broken down for the layman to understand and digest.

I found the whole book pretty amusing, with parts I gleaned already, like what men look for in women and vice versa; and parts that were surprising to me, like characterizing Edward in the “superhuman self-control” way as opposed to “vampire features” way. Personally, I like reading another’s interpretation of something and seeing what they thought about it, and the authors do a great job of presenting it in a light-hearted and entertaining way. There’s also some quotes from the saga scattered in there, so that was a bonus to about.

Overall, it was a fun, light read that any Twilight fan would enjoy. If you ever wondered why this series is so loved, then here’s a pretty good start to that answer!

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