Every Baby Needs a Blowdryer

November 22, 2011 BG2, Parenting 0

BG2 is now 8 months old, no longer considered a newborn (which, I think stops at 6 months) and I have yet to impart any of my “Caring for a newborn” wisdom.

Being that it has been 6 years since I had to take care of a baby, I was a bit rusty and pretty much had to learn everything all over again. It came quickly and naturally, of course, but boy what I was surprised at how some techniques, guidelines, and products have changed over the years.

Anyways, after thinking long and hard about the one piece of advice I would pass along to any new mom, I came up with this:

A blowdryer is a baby’s best friend.

One of the most common complaints of parents and babies alike is diaper rash. BG2 was a bit jaundice when she was born so we had to treat her with UV therapy, which made her release all that bilirubin (the stuff that turns you yellow) via her stools. She probably had a BM about 5 times a day, soft and wet (not like diarrhea though) which inevitably gave her diaper rash.

After researching solutions I came across this idea to use a blowdryer to dry out her butt after each wash. Simply set the blowdryer to its lowest settings, keep it a good distance away from your baby’s skin, and blow dry to your hearts content. I made sure every time I washed her butt or gave her a bath, I would pat her dry and then use the blowdryer on her. Along with the help of good old Desitin, that rash cleared right up in a day or two and she hasn’t had an episode since.

Not only did I use it to dry out her butt, I also blow dried every roll, fold, nook, and cranny that chubby baby has. In particular, I used it to dry out her neck, another common area of rashes, since she was so chunky you couldn’t even tell she had a neck. My mother was a bit skeptical at first, she’s old school, but she quickly saw the benefits of the blowdryer and it became apart of our daily routine.

BG2 has, thankfully, been rash-free since Week 3! Admittedly, it wasn’t Week 3 exactly because she had UV therapy the 1st week of life and the diaper rash during the 2nd week, but it just sounds better when things rhyme!

Honestly, parents, have a blowdryer next to you at all times until they’re about 6-7 months (active and wiggly) because it will help a lot, plus babies loves the sound and are easily amused by such an awe-inspiring gadget.

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