An Introvert’s Perspective of Big City Moms: The Biggest Baby Shower Event

November 8, 2011 On My Mind 0

Last night was quite a whirlwind event! I’m still trying to wind down!

I decided to give into the temptation and finally attend one of Big City Moms’ Biggest Baby Shower events in NYC. I’ve been following these lovely ladies for quite some time now, love them, and have always wanted to go to one of these events, but it wasn’t the right time or didn’t have the money or I was too afraid to attend a big event by myself or whatever. Finally, I had to give myself a kick, buy a ticket, & go!

For the most part, I was not disappointed. (I kinda wish I took actual pics of the whole event though, haha)

Look! It’s that dude from Gilmore Girls! Squee!

Check-in was easy enough and there were so many volunteers there helping that there was barely any wait.  All the vendors were set up very nicely and the food was SO delicious! One gripe I did have though was they didn’t provide any water! The only thing to drink was flavored water (like hint, which was kind of bland, and omega water, which I didn’t even try yet), some soft drinks, and things like that. I’m not a big fan of flavored water at all and was surprised they didn’t provide good ole’ plain water?!

I loved walking around to each of the vendors, many of which gave out plenty of little goodies of their own (in addition to the GiNormous good bag each person got when they left). I think I have about 10 tote bags from various companies to use now, haha. It was interesting to see some of their latest products, discover new brands, and try out products I’ve seen online before.

I saw some of my favorite brands there like Orbit Baby (my dream stroller – oh, to finally be able to feel the stroller and test it out was so awesome), Playtex, Munchkin, Oxotot, & so many more. I also discovered some other brands like Sage Spoonfuls, Mama Mio, & Daddy Scrubs. I also attended a seminar, hosted by Carley Roney – the founder of The Bump (love their network). She is so hilarious! I’m definitely a fan of hers now (so awesome that her kids are part Asian, too)!

Carley doing her thing at the New Moms seminar.

The only thing that kind of bugged me was that not a lot of the vendors were inviting or as energetic as I thought they would be (although I did have a very nice conversation with a guy from Shleppers Moving & Storage, surprisingly). They’re trying to advertise/sell their products, you’d think they’d be trying to grab your attention! I found myself approaching lots of tables and basically staring at the reps there, handing them by Bingo card (event raffle – which, in the end, I didn’t understand how they were working it because the check-out line was crazy), and moving on.

Maybe it was because I was alone, or maybe it was because I wasn’t toting a big belly, but I was still a potential consumer and would’ve loved some more interaction. Even if I wasn’t a shy/closed-off person, I’d still like the rep to happily confront me and sell their product. Get me to really wanna pay attention to their brand. But I suppose that forced me to jump outside my comfort zone and talk to them to get more information on products I liked.

I didn’t get as much networking in as I would’ve liked, although I did get my name out there to some brands I found interesting and hope to work with them in the future. This is the first time I tried marketing myself, so I was a bit nervous, and being a certified introvert doesn’t help either, but I did the best I could for my first time. I didn’t really know how to work the whole networking scene at an event like this, but I tried my best to represent myself and my blog to various vendors and it was a learning experience.

I suppose this was more of a consumer event than a networking event, but I enjoyed myself and now I know what it’s like to be there. I thought it was kind of funny how surprised people were that I came all the way from Philly – really, it’s not that bad of a drive!

If only my baby liked the “Brand Name” pacifiers, but sadly, she’s a Ghetto Girl.
Free Diaper Bag from LeSportSac!

The goody bags were awesome! I wasn’t really expecting much, I mean lets be real, its “free stuff” so usually its samples, ads, discount codes, etc. But Big City Moms did not disappoint on that end and their bag was STUFFED (and super heavy) with loads of amazing stuff, like full-sized stretch mark creams, a sippy cup, baby toys, pacifiers, a Little Pim DVD, and even a Playtex Newborn Drop-Ins Bottle Gift set!

Sucks I didn’t win a Playtex Diaper Genie or an Orbit stroller, dammit, but that’s just my luck!

So, overall, it was a great event and I’d definitely recommend it to any new or pregnant mom. Maybe I’ll be pregnant around the time they have another event so I can go again and see the new goodies they’ll have, and hopefully my networking skills will have improved and even more hopefully they’ll have branched out and come to Philly! ^_^

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