My Christmas Wishlist ’11

November 28, 2011 Shopping 4

It’s that time of year again!

I think the only thing I got off of my wishlist last year was a new Blog Design (which I did again this year), haha. No.1 on my list, actually, is to figure out how to afford moving to WordPress & keeping up with hosting costs, but that’s an ongoing wish. Anyways, hopefully this year I’ll get some more awesome stuff.

My list is definitely larger, but it’s little things here and there. I can’t help but see things I want!

Just Dance 3 for Wii$34.99  (I won the game + a prize pack courtesy of The Clever Girls Collective, YAY!)

~ I’ve always loved the Just Dance games and this one is supposed to be amazing. Probably the #1 reason why I want it is because it has the kickass song “Lets Go to the Mall” by Robin Sparkles (HIMYM reference). Love dancing to that song!

Sony Bloggie Camera$169

~ I’ve wanted a little video recorder for the longest time. It was supposed to be the Flip camera, but since that’s gone outta business, I’ve noticed Sony come out with their own cute little camera cleverly called the Bloggie camera. Even though I have the iPhone, I like to compartmentalize things so it’d be nice to have a video camera to do all my future vlogging stuff.

Harry Potter: Page to Screen – $44

~ How could I not want this book!?! I LOVE HP! The pictures look so cool and I’ve always been intrested in how the film-making process went and all the little secrets. Must get this book!

Uncommon iPhone Case$39.95

~ I’ve seen pictures of these phone cases floating around the web and I really like their designs. I’d love to get a personalized phone case since it never leaves my side, I just can’t figure out what design to get. Since it’s so pricey, I’ll have to be extra picky with it, plus I don’t know if I’d want to spend so much on a case, but I really want one!

Rachel Roy Shoes – $99

~ I was so close to getting a pair of these shoes, paid for by my mom, but they didn’t have any in my size left at Macy’s when we went to the mall that one day. ARGH! My sister ended up getting a pair of grey ones and since we’re the same size, we can easily share, but I still want that purple pair!

Soft Kitty Plush$29.99

~ I am a HUGE TBBT fan and I’ve always loved the “Soft Kitty” lullaby that Penny sings to Sheldon. This kitty is not only cute, but it also sings the song. I want! I want!

Bazinga T-Shirt$18

~ My favorite line from the show & from Sheldon. It always makes me think about a few of my favorite parts of the entire series, when Sheldon was in the ball pit or the Halloween episode. I teared up because I was laughing so hard. I have to have this shirt!

Soft Kitty T-Shirt $20

~ I gotta rock the T-shirt of my favorite little Sheldon lullaby! So cute!

Kindle Fire – $199

~ I’ve been reluctant to join the e-reader scene because I’ve always loved my books bound and being able to feel them in my hands and collect them. But, since I’m reviewing a lot of books now, and most of them are e-ARCs, it’d be really handy to have a Kindle so I can read them wherever I want. Right now I  have to bring my laptop w/me since some of them (like those from Netgalley) aren’t compatible for the Kindle for iPhone (and if they are, someone needs to show me how to do it). Yay! I discovered this new iPhone app called BlueFire Reader that will let me read all the Adobe Digital Editions books I get from Netgalley. Still, it’d be nice to have an ereader!

Toon Spencer (Boy/Girl)$25/each

~ I love Wong Fu Productions and their Spencer collection has always been a great hit with fans. I need to get these plush bears to add to my collection. So cute!

B&N Leatherbound Classics – $20/each

~ I love this collection featuring some amazing classic books that I’ve never gotten around to reading. I already have the Edgar Allen Poe and Wuthering Heights books so I’d love to have these books to add to my collection.

Custom-Made Dresses from Etsy – Prices Vary

~ I’m so addicted to Etsy and all the creative stuff people make. I’ve seen a bunch of dresses that I’m dying to have, but they’re so expensive! Maybe if I have a special occasion to go to, and a nice body to wear them, I’ll have to order myself a dress or two.

Spanx – Prices Vary

~ I’ve been meaning to get myself a pair of Spanx for the longest time. Even if I lose all my baby weight I’ll still have that loose flab/pouch that never seems to go away no matter what I do. I gotta cover that up now! I want to be able to wear pretty dresses next Spring/Summer and get all #MomSexy!

There’s actually a lot more stuff I want, but then this list would go on & on!

What’s on your wishlist this year?

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  1. Vivian

    IKR?!?! Seriously debating taking the plunge & just buying the Bloggie myself, haha. I need it to start my vlogs! 😀

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