Project BG2, Week 35 – Be Careful! She Bites!

November 5, 2011 Project BG2 5

BG2 is 8 months old this week!!! How awesome is that?!?! Good & bad I suppose because she’s at that age where she’s learning to crawl, and by crawl I mean doing a 360 on her tummy or sliding herself backwards until she’s found her way under a table or bed. Bad, because she’s growing so fast! How can she be 8 months already?!?! I still remember Labor Day and when she was just a tiny little thing.

More awesome news?! BG2 has sprouted her FIRST TOOTH!!! It’s such a cute little thing, sticking out in the front on her bottom gum. It seems to come out a little more each day so hopefully I’ll be able to take a picture of it soon because she hasn’t let me take a good one yet, oddly sticking out her tongue and licking anyone who tries to open her mouth.

Yes, the days of toothless grins are officially over and pretty soon I’ll be seeing more and more whiteness in her mouth (the good kind). She’s going through some major teething right now and biting everything she can get her hands, or mouth, on. Hide your fingers people! She will bite you!

But, luckily for her, she throws you an adorable little smile or laugh and you can’t get mad at her. Damn those babies and their clever ways!

We keep talking about how she might be one of those babies who goes straight to walking because she never likes to be on her tummy, but whenever we put her on her tummy lately she’s been trying really hard to go somewhere. On the bed she’ll smosh her face into the bed, pull with her arms, and kick/push with her legs and you can see her roll around or move an inch or so in a very cute and funny way. On the floor there’s not much luck because her clothes hinder her from gaining a good grip with her legs to actually go anywhere, but she’s great at reaching for you to pick her up!

10.27.11 10.28.11 10.29.11 10.30.11 10.31.11 11.1.11 11.2.11
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5 Responses to “Project BG2, Week 35 – Be Careful! She Bites!”

  1. Kristi

    What an adorable little baby! You have beautiful children. Aren't those first little toothy grins the sweetest? 🙂
    Thank you so much for stopping by on my SITS Day a few days ago. I'm following you now via GFC and Pinterest. Hope you’re having a great weekend.

  2. Vivian

    Thank you so much!! Yes, it's so funny/cute seeing her laugh w/that one tooth sticking out haha. Thanks for the follow!

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