Project BG2, Week 36 – They Put Me In a Trash Bag

November 10, 2011 Project BG2 4

I knew it would happen.

It’s around that stage where BG2 can’t sit still. Put that girl on any surface and she’ll start grabbing things,  squirming around, reaching for stuff, and just being a busy little bee. She’s definitely mastered the ability to transition from a sitting to a crawling position and has begun the “rocking back and forth” maneuver which usually prefaces crawling. So cute!

But she is a lazy little girl, opting to drag her chubby little body to get where she needs to be. It’s so funny watching her drag herself even while she’s sitting (if you can imagine it, it’s super cute). I really need to post a video or two of her being silly like this. She also loves to climb on her daddy, preferring to stand rather than sit, I suppose so she doesn’t miss a beat of whatever is going on around her.

The girl has a weird fascination for cords and tags, so if she spots ’em, she’s going for ’em! I tried taking them from her and hiding them, but she’s a sneaky little girl and will drag herself to where I put them and pull ’em out. Then she proceeds to give me her devilish smile so, of course, I can’t get mad at her.

She’s talking all the time now and will often try to strike up a conversation with her sister or her daddy. She’s also been doing this really cute thing where she’ll gently rest her head on your body or on the bed, jump and play or look at you, and then put her head down again. I can’t help but smile every time I think about all the cute things she does. Gosh, I love that girl!

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