Project BG2, Week 37 – Ack! My Gums Hurt!

November 17, 2011 Project BG2 2

Girl, BG2 has been going through it this week!

Her first tooth made its appearance not too long ago, and now she’s cutting her second. But, as the first one came without any issues, we aren’t so lucky with this one.

BG2 has been extremely fussy lately, barely sleeping and very clingy. You can’t help but feel sad when you look at her! Oh sure, there are moments when she’ll smile and play, and still mastering the art of crawling, but for the most part, she looks very sullen and tired. My poor baby!

We’ve been trying various objects as her chew toys, but  she gets bored of them very easily, and I didn’t want to use any medications unless necessary. She has been increasingly warm lately, but still manages to stay under 100 degrees. About the only thing that she seems to love right now is sucking/gnawing on ice. The hardness and the cold helps to numb her gums and take away the pain, so I can see why she loves it.

The tooth responsible has only shown its tip for now, but here’s hoping the rest of it pops out quickly so my baby can return to normal again. My cousins and The Hubbi haven’t exactly been having an easy time with her, and I feel even worse for her because she’s going through it.

Anyways, the girl is starting to develop even more quirks, like how she hates wearing hats (or having anything on her head). Despite the hats being ridiculously adorable, she pulls and yanks at them until they’re off. Try to balance anything on her head, and she’ll immediately grab for it. She also has this weird fascination for the Xia Xia Pets toy commercial and will always stare intently and hypnotically at the screen until it’s over. It’s cute, weird, and funny, haha!

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