Project BG2, Week 38 – The Teeth, They Are A’Sprouting

November 24, 2011 Project BG2 6

Well, once the second tooth made its debut, suddenly BG2 has got teeth popping up left and right?!

The baby is proudly sporting some pearly whites on the left side of her upper gum, although I have yet to see them in person because I’ve been locked away studying for this bain-of-my-existence exam. Anyways, she’s been better lately, not as cranky. I was worried for a minute there when she wasn’t eating much and acting so tired all the time, but we can chalk that up to teething!

Poor girl was dealing with a crazy, weird rash this week on her face and trunk. It came and went on multiple occasions and flared up the most when we bundled her up, so most likely it was a heat rash that wouldn’t go away. She’s been better and we’re trying to find the balance between keeping her warm and not overheating her. See, if only we lived on in CA, then we wouldn’t have to worry about this kind of thing!

Grandma came home yesterday. Yay! That means I can rest at ease that Baby and Big Girl will be well taken care of again, not to say that The Hubbi & my extended family aren’t doing a good job, it’s just My Mom! You know how it is!

Have I mentioned how super lazy this girl is?! She knows how to hold her bottle, yet to this day, has not held her bottle once during any feedings. Lazy! And she knows how crawl, but chooses to tease you with the act of assuming the crawling position, and then sitting back down and whining for an adult to pick her up. Lazy!

The girl knows how to live the good life! I don’t know how we’re gonna handle her when we finally take her back home next month because there won’t be 10 people in the house ready and able to flock to her beck and call. But, you know what?! It’s okay. I want my baby to have the best we can all offer her, all the while teaching her proper manners and respect of course (but that’s for later on when she’s capable), and enjoy life while she can. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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6 Responses to “Project BG2, Week 38 – The Teeth, They Are A’Sprouting”


    OMG you have a beautiful family – I love your pictures

    Hi I'm your newest follower. It has been a while since I have done this.

    I am thankful for the bloggers, the authors who have asked for reviews and introduced me to new genres and also the fabulous bloggers who are always quick to offer help and always take time out to say hi or comment on reviews and posts.


  2. The BabbyMama

    Very cute! And hey, when else in your life can you be as lazy as when you're wee? Sometimes I wish I was still cute enough to get away with that!

    P.S. – Thanks for stopping by on my SITS Day! I'm your newest follower 🙂

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