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November 30, 2011 Reviews 0

In case you haven’t heard me lamenting about it on Twitter, I have a crazy back problems. So many knots! So, I’m a huge fan of massages and spas. Who isn’t, really?!

Last month I saw this amazing deal on Groupon where you could get a Deep Tissue Massage for only $39 (or 3 for $99) at Pileggi on the Square. Obviously, I couldn’t turn it down since usually I spend around $75-$100 on a massage. I was a little hesitant to try it out since I never heard of the place, but you live and learn, right?!

Getting there isn’t a problem, it’s right on Walnut St. – near 17th St. The crappy part is trying to find any type of parking in Center City. Luckily my appointment wasn’t until 10:00 AM and the meters started at that time so I got a good spot.

Anyways, walking in there, I saw a hair salon. Their business is a beauty salon, boutique, and spa. The staff was very friendly and greeted me right as I walked in the door. I had to fill out some paperwork and my masseur took me downstairs to the spa area right away.

She was very friendly, talking to me about my past massage experiences and asking me what I wanted her to focus on. Normally, where I go they just do a full body massage and don’t really tailor it to my trouble spot aka my upper back, so I really liked that she was attentive to my needs and agreed to focus the majority of the massage appointment on my upper back.

The room was nice and typical of a spa. I had to change in the room and they gave a basket to put my clothes in, which was different for me as the one I’m used to going has a changing room complete with lockers. Anyways, the table was heated, a must, and when I was ready she went ahead and did a cursory  full-body massage before going into my back.

Overall, the massage was good. She worked really hard on getting the knots out, adjusted the pressure accordingly, and was very friendly. The atmosphere wasn’t all dark and moody like I’m used to, which I don’t really care for either way, and for the most part she let me just drift off and enjoy the experience. I knew that one massage wouldn’t get all the knots out, but she did a great job and my back felt a lot lighter after that.

One gripe I will mention is that although they say it’s a “50 minute massage”, it really wasn’t. When everything was said and done and I was putting my clothes back on, it was 10:47 AM. That means they started the clock right when I walked through the door, or when the appointment had officially started, never mind that I took time to fill out their forms, get downstairs, and change. I was very disappointed about that and am usually a stickler about the time frame because that’s what they’re advertising, so that’s what I should get.

But, since the masseur was friendly, gave me some excellent advice on managing my back problems, and did a good job on my back, I didn’t complain about it. Either way, it was worth the deal. If I had paid full price, then I would’ve definitely complained about it. I still have two more appointments to use since I bought the 3 pack Groupon, haha, but I don’t know if I’ll be going back there after I use them up. I’ll let you know after all my experiences with them!

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