Project BG2, Week 39 – Last Week in the 30’s

December 1, 2011 Project BG2 2

How can time be flying by so fast?! 39 weeks?! It’s BG2’s last week as an 8 month old baby!! How crazy is that?!

This is the time period when “Stranger Anxiety” is high up on the list of what’s going on with the baby. When Grandma came home earlier this week, she looked at her all wide-eyed with that “I think I know you” look, but, of course, cried as soon as she tried to hold her. She has been away on vacation for over three weeks which is like years in “Baby World”. But come the next day, she happily opened her arms to Grandma and remembered that she’s cool!

Oh boy! Talk about “Daddy’s Girl”, this little one defines that term! Daddy has to be within arm’s length or She. Will. Go. Crazy.

After bringing her home from the sitter’s house, Daddy tends to her until Grandma comes up, which means he lays in bed watching TV while the kids play near him. Men!

Don’t get me wrong, he’s an amazing father and does his duties well, but I’m sure all the mother’s out there can relate to how their significant other “watches” the kids.

Anyways, BG2 has to sense Daddy near her, occasionally pausing from slobbering over a toy or picking on her Big Sister to reach out or look over to see if Daddy is still there. If he tries to even get up – SNAP! She turns out and reaches out for him to hold her. What’s funny is when he tries to give her to someone else to hold, she’ll happily go to them, but then immediately push and kick away from them so she can return to the comfy “Daddy environment” she seems to love so much.

BG2 is a master of crawling now, but chooses to move an inch, sit back down, and whine until someone picks her up. Lazy! The really hilarious part comes when we put her on the floor and Daddy starts to walk away. She immediately starts crawling to find him, all the while crying in that way you can’t help but laugh at, and immediately stops as soon as he picks her up. We’ve been trying to capture it on video, but it seems like the only “perfect” shots come when I’m on FaceTime with them!? It’s quite funny though and we often mess with her that way until Grandma feels bad and yells at us to stop.

When she “plays” with her Big Sister is hilarious also because BG2 has turned into quite the bully! You can often find her either pulling her sister’s hair, poking her face to wake her up in the morning, or “patting” her in that cute, yet aggressive way babies do so well. We usually have to pull her off BG1, who will usually just laugh it off. The girl loves her Big Sister though, always smiling widely when she sees her (the biggest smile reserved just for her) and laughs so easily with her. Seeing them interact together makes my heart melt!

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