Project BG2, Week 40 – Yay! I’m 9 Months Old!

December 8, 2011 Project BG2 6

Can you believe BG2 is 9 months already?! How did that happen?!

Well, she had her check-up this week. Everything is great. She’s a little over 20lbs, not as much as I want her to be, but I can’t be too picky because she’s perfectly healthy. She grew two inches in three months and it should be noted that her head circumference is well over 100% and still growing. Yep, the girl has got a big head, LOL! Luckily, it’s proportional to her body. She just takes after her big-headed Daddy, and I say that with the most love possible. She actually took her shots pretty well & only cried a little bit, which shocked me. She was more fussy when the doctor was examining her than anything else.

We also took her 9 month pictures this week at Sears and that was a hellish experience! I honestly never had a worse experience taking a baby’s picture! BG1 wasn’t perfect, but she smiled and cooed & was easily amused during each of her photo shoots and her wall of pictures can easily show how photogenic and camera-crazy that girl is. But not this girl! If she wasn’t busy crawling around the studio, she was crying and fussing for one of us to pick her up and she would not smile for anyone! Not to mention she would not let the photographer touch her, haha.

Don’t even get me started on the fact that it’s clear she hates dresses. As soon as I put that dress on her, she fought hard to rip it off and obviously wasn’t comfortable in it at all. We haven’t really put in her that many dresses, but she was never a fan. I’m beginning to think we’ve got a bit of a tomboy on our hands already. She was fine once we got her back in her onesie.

After about 30 minutes and like 50 shots, we finally settled on the 2-3 shots that could actually pass the test and left rather distraught, exhausted, and sweating. I’m sad to say she wasn’t smiling in any of them and they’re definitely not the best. I’m debating whether or not to get a friend to grab their DSLR and taking a few photos to substitute for these because I’m not very happy. I can’t hang a picture of her not smiling!

We’ve started using the Pack N’ Play lately, putting her in there with some toys because she’s crazy and crawls everywhere now & tries to stand all the time, which ends up with her falling down crying. Dubbed the “baby jail”, it’s funny and cute watching her play in there and seeing her pulling herself up and moving around. She definitely won’t take on the world sitting down. If she’s near anything, she’ll immediately try to pull herself up and has started standing on her own here and there. Crazy girl!

She’s also going through the whole “stranger anxiety” thing pretty deep, often staring at strangers trying to gauge their dangerousness, turning her head slightly and looking at them with that cute, shy face that kids do so well, and then crying and fussing as soon as they touch her. She’s pretty clingy, too, nowadays, opting to be around either her Daddy or Grandma, even though she sees the rest of my family everyday.

Quite the difficult child we’ve got here! She’s lucky she’s cute!

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6 Responses to “Project BG2, Week 40 – Yay! I’m 9 Months Old!”

  1. Jenn

    I would never guess she is only 20lbs she looks like a little chunk & a half – love her to pieces! Too funny about the photoshoot. Parker did NOT want to cooperate during our Christmas one either but we were lucky to get a couple good shots in there. Our photographer was singing and dancing and pulling out all the stops! haha
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  2. bluecottonmemory

    Adorable baby! Beautiful daughter! The only thing worse than baby pictures is trying to get 5 sons from 1 to 15 all smiling nicely in fam or Christmas pictures. That is like having your fingernails ripped off one by one!

  3. Vivian

    Haha, well her sister spends enough on dresses & the like as it is. I'm betting she'll be more of the girly one w/dresses, makeup, etc. where this one might be like me & not care for the stuff. Either way is fine. It's just super funny to see her personality.

  4. Vivian

    You know, I think it's bc she's all short so you can't tell she's just a little thing, haha. I was lamenting last night to the hubbi how I wish she was anywhere near P haha! I could just eat that boy up!!! It's surprising that you say that bc from the pics Parker looked like he just loved the camera haha. If you see the pics we got from her, you'd realize how bad it was! :-/

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