Project BG2, Week 47 – Look Who Can Climb the Stairs Now

January 26, 2012 Project BG2 6

That’s right, folks. You simply can’t take your eyes off this little rugrat anymore. She’s cruising from couches to coffee tables, crawling under dining tables, opening up drawers, and now she’s climbing the stairs.

For a couple weeks now she’s been lunging back and forth on the bottom step, trying to gauge her readiness and ability to climb the steps, most of the time simply managing to get one leg up and then climbing back down. At the beginning of the week, she actually made it up two steps! Now, she’s climbing up all the steps like a champ. Sure, she’ll get tired after a few steps or climb so slow that The Hubbi, who stands diligently behind her, will simply pick her up and carry her upstairs, but it’s so cute seeing her accomplishing this milestone. She’s now a hop, skip, & a jump away from walking!

Her love of making a mess is still strong, but she’s learning that we disapprove of it, so when we yell,”No!” repeatedly as she’s about to grab some DVDs, she usually gets the picture and plops back down and crawls somewhere else. She’s also adorably waving “hi” and “bye” now, and we love getting her to do that along with clapping her hands and bowing. So cute! One of her favorite games lately is peekaboo, where she quickly hides her face and tries to surprise you, such a playful baby.

Another favorite activity of hers is talking on the phone. I know right?!? BG2 loves it when we call anyone on our phones and put it on speaker for her to hear and babble along to. Most of time she’ll just smile widely and give a yell here and there, but she’s so fascinated with our phones and will often take a peek to see what we’re doing on it. I can only imagine at what age she’ll start asking me for her own cell phone.

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6 Responses to “Project BG2, Week 47 – Look Who Can Climb the Stairs Now”

    • Vivian

      Haha, we’ve been using bins and stacking boxes as our makeshift gates and it seems to work for now. It’s kind of hard to get any real gates because our banister is weird, but lately the baby has been very lazy and won’t climb the steps! We have to carry her up because she takes so long, LOL!

    • Vivian

      Hahaha! Thanks! Gosh, I can’t imagine when they’ll be that big and driving me crazy. Yikes!

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