Book Review: Cold Kiss by Amy Garvey

February 13, 2012 Young Adult Book Reviews 5 ★★★½

Book Review: Cold Kiss by Amy GarveyTitle: Cold Kiss by Amy Garvey
Series: Cold Kiss #1
Published by: HarperTeen on September 20, 2011
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Young Adult
Source: Bought
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 292
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It was a beautiful, warm summer day, the day Danny died.
Suddenly Wren was alone and shattered. In a heartbroken fury, armed with dark incantations and a secret power, Wren decides that what she wants—what she must do—is to bring Danny back.
But the Danny who returns is just a shell of the boy Wren fell in love with. His touch is icy; his skin, smooth and stiff as marble; his chest, cruelly silent when Wren rests her head against it.
Wren must keep Danny a secret, hiding him away, visiting him at night, while her life slowly unravels around her. Then Gabriel DeMarnes transfers to her school, and Wren realizes that somehow, inexplicably, he can sense the powers that lie within her—and that he knows what she has done. And now Gabriel wants to help make things right.
But Wren alone has to undo what she has wrought—even if it means breaking her heart all over again.

The premise of this story, how a girl brings her dead boyfriend back to life, is what drew me in. In a world filled with vampires, werewolves, fey, and the like, it was refreshing to read a story about zombies, and not the gruesome, brain-eating kind, but the kind you would actually feel for and connect with.

I’m sure all who have lost a loved one have wondered what it would be like to bring them back to life, to have the power to bring them back. That’s exactly the situation Wren finds herself in when her boyfriend Danny dies. The twist, however, is that the Danny she brings back isn’t the one she remembers, and things start to unfurl when she can no longer hide what she’s done. Wren is a kind of witch, I suppose, with elemental powers, but Amy Garvey doesn’t really write her off as a witch flat out. There are issues within in her family that Wren deals with and the mysteries of her powers and her past that will start to show.

I really liked this book. It was a light, fun read about love and self-discovery. Wren is just a girl that suffered a great loss and is trying to cope with that as best she can. Then, someone comes along who alters her world yet again and even you feel yourself torn between the two. Amy’s writing is thoughtful and endearing and I look forward to reading the next book.

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5 Responses to “Book Review: Cold Kiss by Amy Garvey”

    • Vivian

      Thank you so much! It really was a nice little story, very quick too. Can’t wait for the next one! 🙂

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