Project BG2, Week 49 – Kisses for Everyone!

February 9, 2012 Project BG2 0

It seems like BG2 is learning new things every week now!

Her walking is slowly getting better and more stable. She just took 6-7 steps from the couch to her walker last night, thank you very much. Still preferring to crawl furiously fast wherever she goes though, however, she’s becoming more confident and I’m almost positive she’ll have it perfected by her birthday. I’ve been helping her along by hold one of her hands and having her walk around wherever she needs to go.

Nowadays, we’re trying to get her to give us kisses and so far she’s managed the oh-so-adorable, yet equally wet and disgusting open-mouthed baby kiss. We’ve been giving her cues, kissing her, and getting her to do it to us and sometimes it seems like she gets it, but then she’ll get bored of it. That’s usually how it starts though before she catches on and you can’t stop her from showing off. I do love kissing that baby so it’ll be nice when she can kiss back.

We’re also having debates as to what her first word really is or was. Sure she babbles and says what appears to be words, but whether they’re directed at the right thing or said at the right time is a different story, so I’m having a hard time calling something her first word. She’s been saying “Mama” for the longest time, some might argue that it was her first word, and for the most part when she says it she directs it towards me, but other times she says it regardless of where I am or when she sees food. She also says “Hi” and “Ba” which is Vietnamese for Dad, but then again, she only directs that to The Hubbi some of the time. I’d have to say the only word she seems stuck on is “Sha” which she calls her sister, who’s name is Alyssa. Whenever she sees her, she says “Sha” or even when she sees her picture or hears her voice, she knows its her. I’d have to say that girl really loves her big sister, but I’m hesitant to call that her first word since it’s technically not a real word. My sister thinks I’m getting too technical with this since even though BG1’s first word was my sister’s name, she said it more like “Eh-Ca” since her name is Erica.

I don’t know. This girl is hard to figure out sometimes. I’m still holding out for that one real word, although I’ll admit she does talk.

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