Project BG2, Week 50 – I Can Talk, Too!

February 16, 2012 Project BG2 0

Wow! We’re at Week 50?!? How can this be?!?! I swear Father Time sped things up this year because I just can’t believe almost a whole year has gone by so quickly.

There hasn’t been anything new on the motor skills front for sweet BG2, but she’s definitely honing those walking skills. She’s walking faster and with more grace than before and I’m sure she’ll be running around the house in no time. I love looking at her walk and seeing her face light up when she does it because she knows she’s doing something good, something we all love seeing her do. She’s mastered clapping, climbing stairs, kisses, playing hand games, bowing, and so much more. Right now, we’re teaching her how to blow air kisses. She hasn’t quite picked it up yet, but I know she’ll get the hang of it soon.

Her verbal skills are improving and she sure knows how to charm you with her “Hi!” in that high-pitched adorable baby way every time she sees you. She also loves says “Uh-Oh” in her cute way that can only be done by her. She still loves her screaming contests with her big sister, much to the dismay of our ears, but it’s also funny to watch.

She’s starting to understand us more, often listening to us when we say “No!” or call her over to us. Her favorite thing to do is to mess with something while sneakily looking over at one of us to see if we’re looking. The house is looking somewhat cleaner since The Hubbi devised a way to set up the DVDs so she can’t pull them off the shelves and she seems to be getting over the phase of sticking her chubby fingers in the VCR and crying until someone helps her out everyday (that was a funny, yet tedious period).

What will this little girl learn next?!

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