Project BG2, Week 51 – Eat. My. Dust.

February 23, 2012 Project BG2 1

I knew this girl would love walking! That’s all she does to get around nowadays. I guess she likes rollin’ with the big dogs, haha.

It’s always so funny watching her walk, since she’s still a bit awkward with it and walks around like a robot. But, she’s a very skilled walker and doesn’t fall down anymore and can basically speed walk now. Oh, I’m sure running is around the corner with this girl.

We’ve started her on a sippy cup, just for water after her meals with solid foods, although I think I’ll have to get her to drink some juice from time to time since she doesn’t get any fruits in her diet, at least not on a daily basis like her veggies. We saw the nutritionist this week and she said her iron is a bit low, only by 0.2, but looks like I’ll have to increase iron-rich foods in her diet. I’m thinking more iron-fortified cereal, eggs, and more red meat in her puree. It’s not too bad so I’m not worried.

I’ve also been pumping myself up for the big transition to whole milk next week. How can this girl be turning ONE in just 8 short days?!? I can’t take it! Lately, I’ve been looking at all her old photos and playing her old videos from the past year and just reminiscing through the days when she was just a chubby, little lump who cooed and smiled so sweetly. Now, she’s a terror who trashes the house, tries to eat all your food, and has become addicted to spoons and commercials. Yes, she finds no greater joy than slobbering over a spoon, the bigger the better, and she is mesmerized by commercials, especially the McDonald’s one with the birds or the Xia Xia commercial. She’s weird, I know.

But, she’s also irresistible and anyone will attest to the fact that she’s quite the little meanie, crazy and very difficult at times, but she sure knows how to win you over. She’ll throw you a smile or a laugh and you can’t help but smile back. She’ll hug or kiss you and melt your heart. Her adorable little “Hi” is almost too cute to bear. I swear, she’s got her father’s natural charm, mixed with my crazy, tough attitude though, haha. I can’t imagine how this girl will be as she gets older.

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