Project BG2, Week 52 – This Means I’m ONE!

March 1, 2012 Project BG2 3

I remember the first week I started this project. How could a year fly by so fast?! How could this tiny, 8lb 14oz little baby turn into this 22lb baby that’s ready to take on the world?!? Little hands and feet that grew each day into hands that grab everything and anything within reach and feet that so easily walk nowadays, she’s starting to run. A smile that could light up a room and make it hard for you to stay mad at her or resist her at all.

I went from reveling in the joys of being a new mom again to parenting a soon-to-be toddler. We definitely had our moments this past year, from the reflux to the constant worrying about calories and weight gain. We’ve dealt with distance, endless bouts of vomiting, and a big transition from a family of three to a family of four. BG2 has learned to hold up her head, smile and laugh, coo and babble, eat solid food, crawl, clap, hug, kiss, walk, and a bout a hundred other things that seem so simple and mundane to us, but are milestones and great feats for babies.

I’m very proud of myself for keeping up with this project every week for the past year, only being late one time. Not bad, I’d say. I successfully took a picture or ten two everyday for the past year, compiled it into weekly posts along with new happenings in BG2’s life. I’m pretty sure she hates the camera now, since whenever she sees it lately, she doesn’t smile and really just goes about doing her own thing. I miss the days when she’d smile on cue, she definitely doesn’t love the camera like her big sister.

Where her big sister is girly, sensitive, photogenic, shy, and quiet; this girl is crazy, mean, loud, hates pictures, tough, outgoing, daring, and so much more. They’re really two different personalities, presenting two very different challenges when it comes to raising them.

BG2 is becoming her own little self, more and more each day. Her personality, crazy as it may be, shines through and I’m left in awe at what she knows and does. She’s so quick to pick up on things, will let you know in an instant whether or not she likes/dislikes something, and does things on her own terms. I can only imagine what it’ll be like once we start disciplining her and teaching her right from wrong. I’m pretty sure we’ve got a handful right there.

We’ve had some memorable moments this past year, things I’ll most likely bring up when she’s older and annoys me and I’ll have to rub it in her face how I wiped her butt and walked around with her vomit all over me. There have been some trying times, times where I wondered if I could really handle all this or how could it be possible that she is really that difficult, especially at night, but try as I might, I simply can’t picture my life without her.

She’s my daughter, my baby, my little miracle.

She’s my One Year Old.

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