Chocolate Truly is the Best Medicine

April 21, 2012 BG2, Parenting 5

Our prayers have been answered!

After weeks and weeks of endless battles with the baby, I’ve finally found her happy place.


That’s right, the girl loves her chocolate milk. One squirt of that yummy syrup or even a spoonful of powder in her milk and she can’t finish it fast enough!

Hallelujah! Praise the skies above for we have found our savior!

Okay, enough of that.

I’m honestly just happy she’s finally taking a liking to cow’s milk and can at least get some more necessary vitamins and minerals in her. It’s been a few weeks since we’ve tried chocolate milk and the hype has certainly died down a bit, but she’s drinking it and that’s all that matters. On a good day, we can get her to drink anywhere from 12-18 oz, give or take. On a bad day, less than 12. But, it’s still something! We do try to give her some cheese everyday and I’m looking into other foods with calcium and vitamin D in it give to her. Any suggestions?!

So, my baby is a chocolate baby. Chocolate-loving?! I don’t know.

What I do know is the Hubbi better stop taking swigs of her chocolate milk while he’s mixing it up before he feeds her! Although the same can be said for me when I do it. I can’t help it though. Who doesn’t like chocolate milk!?!?

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5 Responses to “Chocolate Truly is the Best Medicine”

  1. Jac @ For Love and Books

    My 3 year old has NEVER drank milk (sick or otherwise) and so I have always had to mix a small bit of chocolate with her white to trick her. (I go through about 1 small carton of chocolate milk a day getting her to drink three glasses. I hate it, but I’d rather she have a little chocolate milk than no milk. KWIM?
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    • Vivian

      I agree. At least the chocolate is a bit more fattening too right?! I love them chunky babies, lol. I’m just happy she’s drinking some milk because I always worry about vitamins & nutrition with my girls.

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