I’ve Got a Quirky Baby

April 14, 2012 BG2, Parenting 4

Why do you repeatedly put your chubby little finger in the VCR we never use when you know it will just get stuck there, which will cause you to turn and look at me with those sad, big eyes and a frown on your face until I come over and pull your finger out? And then you go and do it again. And now you’ve graduated to repeatedly opening the toilet seat cover only to get your finger stuck there, too!

I’d say that’s a quirky baby!

What is it with your fascination with Q-tips?! When in the bathroom, you go straight for the drawer of Q-tips, pull out two, yes, two each time, and place it by your ear in an attempt to use it, while looking at me with a devilish, knowing smile. And, boy, do you love it when I clean your ears with those Q-tips. I swear, that’s the only time you ever sit so still!

I’m gonna go with quirky baby!

Why do you take your pacifier out of your mouth in a fit of rage, only to plop it right back in with a fierce passion?! In your sleep?! Repeatedly?! It’s like your hands have a mind of its own and they fight with your mind on whether or not you want the pacifier, which is always yes, you do want it. And don’t let anyone try to take that pacifier away from you when you’re awake! You’ll rip it right from their hands!

A weird and a bit mean, quirky baby!

Why do you roll around in bed, tossing and turning from my side to your father’s side, from the head of the bed to the foot, like you’re freaking possessed or something? And then you sit up, eyes closed, and crawl back to your spot in the middle, plop down, and sleep soundly. We stare with wonder and confusion and often times wake up to find you lying sideways or upside down…

Yes, I have a quirky baby!

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