10 Books That NEED to be Made into Movies. Like, RIGHT NOW!

May 1, 2012 Books 0

#1 on the list is Half-Blood, of course! You all know how much I love & adore this series, so much that I created a fansite dedicated to JLA & the Covenant. How could I not wanna see kickass Alex and SUPER HOT Aiden & Seth on screen?! Not to mention it’s about Greek mythology! Nuff said!



I think Obsidian would be a nice movie. A story about a book blogger and HOT aliens?!?! What’s not to love?!?! It’d be pretty cool to see the director’s interpretation of Daemon’s true form.




You might have guessed that this is just a plug of my obsessive love for JLA right now since I’d love to see Tempting the Best Man made into a movie. It’s a classic contemporary romance along the lines of Emily Giffin & Sophie Kinsella (love them), but with HOT & STEAMY all over the place. Whew! You gotta love JLA, you just gotta! I devoured this book & would easily go to the theater to see this *naughty* baby!


Gotta have A Temptation of Angels up in there! A fantastic historical fiction novel that would be so awesome to see on screen. I think I just really want to see who’d be cast as Griffin & Raum, lol!




How cool would it be to see all these paranormals on screen?! Paranormalcy was so awesome. I’d love to see Lish and having adorable little Evie with her pink taser?! Love!




Sure the whole Cinderella retellings have been done hundreds of times, but this one was so unique and standout to me, I’d love to see Meyer’s world on the big screen. It’s be interesting to see the cyborgs and I have to see how Iko’s character plays out because I adore her so much! Cinder rocks!



Come on now, awesome “mutants” and a crazy, evil corporation out to collect and use them all for their own purposes?!? And you’ve got a snarky, kickass female lead and an adorable, innocent, yet sexy male lead. Touch needs to be made into a movie. I’ve always been into special powers and super stuff like that so this would definitely be a movie I’d see.



I think it’d be pretty interesting to see Mara Dyer on screen. Seeing her mystery behind her past and all the crazy stuff that happens to her would be pretty cool. I’d definitely like to see who they’d cast for Mara, not to mention Noah.




I know TMI is going to be a movie, but I’d also like to see TID as a movie too, especially Clockwork Prince. There is a lot of action in this book and the love triangle between Will, Jem, & Tessa is so heartbreaking, touching, and emotional, I’d love to see that played out on screen.



I know there was some talks about this series being turned into a movie, but I don’t know how that ended up because I haven’t seen anything about it in mainstream entertainment news. I really enjoyed this series and Scott created a very cool and interesting world that I think would play out great on the big screen. I’d love to see how they create the Uglies“Pretties” and “Specials”.



You’ve got a Parisan setting, a epic romance, and HOT guys that can’t die. That’s something I’d like to see. Die For Me is a very different and unique, something I don’t see much of in movies lately.





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