Bookish Events – Veronica Roth at Anderson’s Bookshop

May 6, 2012 Bookish Events 5

Well, since I’m here in Michigan I figured I’d look around for cool book events to attend, naturally, and luckily Anderson’s isn’t too far away from me. Sure, it’s a 4-hour drive, but for the right authors, it’s well worth it.

Anyways, I went there on Friday to attend Veronica Roth’s event for the release of her latest novel, Insurgent, the second book in her Divergent trilogy. Insurgent looks amazing and I’m dying to read it. I thought it’s be a bit more shiny than what it is, but I love it nonetheless, lol.

The event was CRAZY, to say the least. There were over 300 people there, including adults, teens, and kids. Unluckily for me, I didn’t know you needed tickets to get your books signed, if I did I would’ve pre-ordered my copy, so I ended up being #271 in line. Bummer! For shame on you Anderson’s Bookshop for not letting people know beforehand! At least they let us know we need tickets for Cassandra Clare’s event next week otherwise I would’ve been #1258 in that line! I didn’t leave until around 10pm, which sucks because I didn’t get back to my apt. until 3am (time zone differences).

It also kind of sucked because I couldn’t get a picture with Veronica, they didn’t allow pictures, which I understand because that would’ve taken even more time, but still, it would’ve been nice to have one with her. She’s super adorable and was so nice about it all. I’m sure she was exhausted after the event, especially after signing over 300 books, but she held it together perfectly and was so nice to me.

I also got to meet a Twitter friend, Mirely, who I adore. She was there with her son (super adorable) and her nieces. I love meeting people at these events. Wish we could’ve spent more time together, but I definitely had to get my butt home. What a drive!

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5 Responses to “Bookish Events – Veronica Roth at Anderson’s Bookshop”

  1. Jerrah

    Wow.. This is really so cool! I am sure if this is just near here, I would want to go too and bring with me my friends..
    Jerrah recently posted…Sharepoint HostingMy Profile

  2. stephanie scott

    I found your blog from a google search on the event since I was out of town and missed it. I’m lucky in that I only live a few miles from Anderson’s so I admire your dedication driving 4 hours! It took me a few times to get their event process, too. I think events page of the site does explain it but maybe not as clear as it should be. I didn’t realize the Cassandra Clare event was coming up so quick – I have no tickets!

    Happy reading to you 🙂

    • Vivian

      Thank you! Yes, I was surprised by their event process, altho I understand why now bc a TON of people go there, lol. I hope you check out my recap of the Cassie Clare event too, which is on the blog now, I liked it a lot more.

  3. Mirely

    Hey Vivian!

    It was so great meeting you that night! I have pics of her signing your book. I’m posting them tonight for a giveaway. Feel free to stop by the blog and take the pics or I’ll send them to you.


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