First She’s Sour, Then She’s Sweet

May 22, 2012 BG2 5

Whenever I think of BG2 I think of those adorable, yet funny Sour Patch Kids commercials. You know the one I’m talking about:

Yes, because BG2 is EXACTLY like that.

When you least expect it, you’ll be sitting on the couch minding you own business, she wants you to pick her up but you ignore and she decides she doesn’t like that so she comes up to you and bites you in the stomach causing you to go WTH?!?, but then you look down at her she gives you the big, innocent eyes and that damn crooked smile.

Or when you just got done trimming her nails, while she’s awake, using those tiny ass clippers so you can’t get the edges smooth and she decides it’s funny to repeatedly come up to you and scratch the hell out of your thighs, laugh in your face with that ridiculously adorable grin so you can’t even get mad at her.

And hey, what about when she thinks its hilarious to throw her leggings in the toilet, then runs and gets me so I fish it out for her! Of course she’s going to clap her hands and say “Yayyyyy!” like I just made Mommy’s day better because she gets to spend quality time with the potty.

How about that countless times she decides to wake you up by lifting up your shirt and poking your belly fat, making you feel even more dejected and hideous; yet when you look at her she goes and gives you one of those baby hugs and says “I ruv youuuuuu”.

Oh, and I loved that time you actually ripped a page out of one of my books (thankfully it was one of the title pages, there’s two) and I was SO upset, yet you knew you did a bad thing so you looked sad and remorseful and acted all sweet and loving, showering me with hugs and kisses until I gave you a smile.

Damn that sour patch kid!

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5 Responses to “First She’s Sour, Then She’s Sweet”

  1. Born27

    This post is so funny for me. Sometimes our children has their own mischievous way that sometimes instead of making us irritates, it makes more funnier. I think they just wanted our attention that is why their making such hilarious things..
    Born27 recently posted…conference callingMy Profile

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