Happy 5 Year Anniversary to US!

May 27, 2012 Marriage, On My Mind 1

Wow! 5 years.

Such a blip in the grand scheme of things, but it’s still a milestone. Something worth celebrating and rejoicing over. Sadly, Hubbi and I are celebrating without each other once again. It sucks I have to be at school, again, while Hubbi stays home working & with the kids. We’ll be reminiscing and smiling at each other over Skype, if the WiFi behaves and we can get a decent connection. No gifts. We’ve got a pretty strict budget and it’s not like we can exchange gifts for real anyways.

I wouldn’t even know what to get him. Traditionally, 5 years means Wood. Que the obligatory, obscene jokes involving what I can give him pertaining to “wood” and the like.

But seriously, do I buy him like a piece of wood craved in the shape of my face or body?! I guess that would help with the whole long-distance thing since he’ll have something that resembles me right there with him, but I’m pretty sure a picture can work just the same. Plus, we do FaceTime and Skype everyday. But wood gifts?! Hmmmm….maybe a baseball bat?! I don’t know.

Anyways! These past five years have been pretty unconventional. Honestly, I don’t know if our years really count because I was gone for much of two and a half years so we were only really together that first year of marriage and then the last one and a half years with me being pregnant and having BG2. Can you really say we’re getting the full effect of a real marriage? We still love, respect, and trust each other. We’re a pretty good team as far as things go. Where’s he’s weak at, I succeed and where I know nothing about, he’s as smart as they come. It’s crazy how we’re really like two puzzle pieces that surprisingly fit together perfectly.

I like that about us. He’s so easy-going and laid back while I’m crazy-detailed and bitchy. I’m all for english and reading, while he can do math in his head like nobody’s business. The man loves to cook while I secretly revel in the fact that at least I know how to boil water. I love to give orders and he’s a doer, just assign him a task and he’s good to go. We’re seriously two sides of a coin that when put together make one heck of a masterpiece.

I always think back to when we first knew each other and have to admit, I did not see “us” coming. But I’m glad it did.

5 years married and still going strong. You know I don’t like to be all mushy and romantic, but I’m so happy I have this man in my life. For all the past shit that has screwed me up and made me hate men, he changed me and restored – not completely though, because let’s face it, men are idiots – my faith in men. I feel like I’m one of the lucky ones. I always think back to our wedding day and I remember it like it was yesterday and I hope I remember it like that for the rest of my life. We married at a time when all our friends were just starting to get serious or still living wild, care-free lives. I’m sure a lot of people believed we wouldn’t even make it this far. And I love proving them wrong!

Happy Anniversary Husband!

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