Michigan Does Not Like Me

May 15, 2012 On My Mind 0

DON’T drive from Pennsylvania to Michigan because something like this might happen to your car:

I’m in Michigan. For school. And considering that I wanted to bring a ton of stuff with me and the hours didn’t SEEM so bad, I decided to drive here. Well, let me tell you I was not so lucky. I barely made it out of Philly when a stupid rock hit my windshield! FML!!!

Now I know there’s not much you can do to avoid tiny rocks flying by and it just so happens that my luck was bad enough that it had to hit my car, but seriously?!?! Not a good start to an over 8-hour road trip. Let me add that that car I’m driving is actually my husband’s car since we decided to leave the SUV at home for him to drive with the kids. Thank goodness I didn’t take that car!

Add on a speeding ticket I got while driving past Pittsburgh and you’ve got a pretty crappy road trip right there. Granted, the speeding was my fault, but come on! I usually don’t get caught with that kind of stuff. *knock on wood*

Oh and how about when I took a mini road trip last Friday to see my friend in Chicago, I barely made it out of MI before the plastic cover under my engine decides it wants to come off and drag on the highway?!?! Oh yea!!! A police officer had to come by and help me rip that bad boy off!

It’s obvious that Michigan really doesn’t like me because I’ve had nothing but bad luck since I decided to come here. Not to mention how my internet connection here sucks and my phone is acting like dead weight with all the dropped calls, missed calls, and 1-bar-wherever-I-go thing, which after asking my friends it looks like it’s only happening to me AND only while I’m here because I made calls just fine at home & in Chicago?!?

Yep, Michigan does not like me!

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