New Ratings System & Books in a Minute

May 18, 2012 Blog Related 0

Hey everyone,

Just letting you know that I created this NEW ratings system for my book reviews. I’ve updated all my scheduled reviews with this new system and I’ll be working on adding it to all my old reviews.

Here’s the explanation of the ratings:

Must. Read. Now! – Wow! I can’t contain the love that I have to for this book. Drop everything and read it now.
Add to cart! – Great! I really enjoyed the book and would definitely recommend it to others. It’s definitely worth the buy.
Worth a try! – Eh! It was worth a read, but probably not your money or shelf space. Try borrowing it.
Don’t even touch it! – Boo! I didn’t like the book and wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. It’s really not worth your time.

I figured I needed something a bit more me, personalized, and I was getting tired of the whole A, B, C ratings because it didn’t really describe how I felt about the book. There could be two books I put in the C or A category, but I put them there for completely different reasons and it didn’t show so I thought this would be more helpful in determining how I really feel about the book. Plus, I’m very picky with the books I actually buy and those I actually add to my bookshelves, I’ve only had a handful of bad buys (thankfully) and I want my readers to know whether I’d actually buy the book or put it on my shelf, whether it’s worth them buying it/reading it. Let me know what you think of the new system.

Also, I recently started this new thing called “Books in a Minute” where I vlog-review a book in around a minute. People have SHORT attention spans nowadays and written reviews can get kind of lengthy, which is a reason why I provide one-liners at the beginning of each review (“Sum It Up” – new title!). So I decided I’d provide a quick, cursory review of the book & its cover for those who just want a general idea of whether or not the book is worth their time. I don’t know if I’ll do it for all the books I review, depending on the amount of time I have, but for those that I do, the vlog will probably be live before the full review is. I’ll also post it along with my full review so you can check that out too if you still don’t want to read the full review, lol.

I’m hoping I’ll keep up with this and that it’ll be like, my thing, since I did want to do more vlogs. I’m posting my first “Books in a Minute” vlog here of my latest read – The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith, the full review probably won’t be on the blog for a few weeks, packed schedule, but please let me know what you think!

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