Save Money by RENTING Your College Textbooks with Campus Book Rentals

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I remember back when I was in college, buying textbooks was a pain in the butt because they were SO expensive! I can only imagine how much they’ve gone up in cost since then and I know a lot of students have been looking towards renting their textbooks nowadays. I mean, who wants to spend all that money  on a textbook for one or two semesters, then just have it sitting around collecting dust until you’re ready to throw it away?!

That’s where Campus Book Rentals comes in.

With Campus Book Rentals you can save anywhere from 40-90% off bookstore prices, there’s FREE SHIPPING when you receive & when you give the book back, you can HIGHLIGHT in the textbooks, and they have flexible renting periods. Wow! Usually, with rentals, I’m not too keen on them because I can’t highlight in them, and trust me, I’m a HUGE highlighter addict, but since they actually let you highlight in them, then I say go for it! I was a Biology major and had to take classes like Organic Chemistry, whose books could range anywhere from $120 to $200.

Keep in mind that since it’s a rental, most are USED books, but they promise that the books they provide you are either “like new” or new condition, so you don’t have to worry about getting a crappy book.

Not only that, they have a 30-day return policy in case you decide to drop the class and a 15-day grace period in case you want to hold it past your due date to study for an exam or something. Answers to a lot of your questions can be found in their FAQ section.

I also love that they’re a charitable organization and work closely with Operation Smile, which works to help perform life-saving surgeries on children with cleft lips. Part of the money collected from every book that is rented goes directly to helping Operation Smile.

If you’re a college student and low in funds, which I’m pretty sure most college students are, then you definitely want to give Campus Book Rentals a try!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Campus Book Rentals. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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One Response to “Save Money by RENTING Your College Textbooks with Campus Book Rentals”

  1. BookGator

    I agree that college textbooks are really expensive. I experienced the same during college years and I feel exactly what students feel right now when dealing with them. There are textbooks that usually aren’t used more than twice within the semester and its a pain to see that you purchased them for $90 or more than a hundred and they’re left in your bookcases unused. This is one reason why there’s a need to rent some and leave your money to purchase some of the most important ones like your major classes. Renting textbook is key.

    Jules M. of
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