Seriously?!? Who Makes These Shoes?!?

May 7, 2012 BG2, Parenting 3

If there’s one thing that has bugged me since BG2 was born, it’s finding the right shoe for her.

Fat, short feet = Not a good combo for shoes

And my baby’s feet aren’t even THAT fat! I can’t imagine how those with bigger babies handle it.

I mean, really, have these people who make baby shoes ever seen baby feet?! Granted, a lot of babies have small, thin feet, but what about those babies with huge, chubby feet?!?! It’s like how there are barely any high heels out there for women with wide feet. I should know, I have wide, albiet small feet. I love high heels, but my feet look like I stuffed an elephant in there. Not pretty at all!

I was recently in Payless trying to find some cute sandals for BG2 and the picture pretty much looked like this:

– Me, sprawled on the ground about to lose my mind, with a pile of shoes all around me and a grouchy toddler screaming because she wanted the tight shoe off her chubby foot

And the length would have been just right too. Any shoe that even fits her width is far too long for her.

Meanwhile, the store attendant looks on with a knowing face and shakes her head because of the mess I just made.


What have I learned from this ordeal? From the countless shoes I bought before the baby was born, stupidly thinking she’d fit them yet not using a single pair because I couldn’t squeeze her fat, yet adorable feet into them?!

The only shoes that fit her feet are sneakers, flip flops (with straps in the back), and sandals that MUST HAVE the velcro straps in front/top of her foot because anything that she has to squeeze her chubby feet in WILL. NOT. WORK. The general idea here is that I gotta make sure to give the chub room to breath.

I should totally market shoes for chubby-footed babies and wide-footed women to shoe companies because that, my friend, is a gold mine waiting to be dug up!

You can kinda see the pudge sticking out here and there.

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3 Responses to “Seriously?!? Who Makes These Shoes?!?”

  1. Nicole

    Oh, those are the cutest little feetsie weetsies ever. And you’re right they do deserve shoes that are just right for them. I guess we’re kinda lucky in Hawaii it’s pretty darn common to go through most of your early life in slippers or just barefooted. =)

    Following ya from bloggymoms. We’re riding the wave of life at, one little adventure at a time. I’d love it if you’d join me for the ride.


    • Vivian

      Thank you! I do love nibbling on them from time to time lol. Ugh, if I were in Hawaii & I’d be in flip flops all the time too! You must love it there! 🙂

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