Thank You For Being An Amazing Man

May 12, 2012 Marriage 2

After reading this post from Jill at Baby Rabies about her having to sometimes be a single parent while her husband travels for work, it got me thinking about my situation and how amazing it is that I have such a great support system and a man who is such an amazing father and husband. Being in Medical School kind of sucks because I’m always traveling, either studying or doing rotations, so he’s often left home with the girls for 3-4 months at a time. I just wanted to say “Thank you”!

Thank you Husband, for working so hard everyday, making money to support the family.

Thank you Husband, for staying up until midnight to feed the baby, and then waking up at 4AM to feed her again.

Thank you Husband, for having to miss those sports games you love so much, just so your daughter can bop along to LMFAO – Party Rockin’ MV for the hundredth time.

Thank you Husband, for running those annoying errands like going to the Post Office or the Bank, which would drive anyone insane.

Thank you Husband, for keeping the house relatively clean, even though the baby seems to think it’s a game and immediately makes a mess afterwards.

Thank you Husband, taking TONS of pictures and videos and then messaging it to me on a daily basis so I don’t miss the kids too much.

Thank you Husband, for putting up with my mother and my repeated phone calls checking in on you to make sure you’re “doing it right”.

Thank you Husband, for playing Peek-a-boo and dancing with the baby like 50 times in a row because it’s the only thing that cheers her up since I left.

Thank you Husband, for not complaining AT ALL while I’m away and STILL offering to help me each time I come home.

Thank you Husband, for holding down the fort and supporting me while I chase my dreams.

I could go on and on, but you get the gist. I hope you know how much I appreciate and love you!

Your Wife

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2 Responses to “Thank You For Being An Amazing Man”

  1. Vanessa

    This is so sweet. I don’t think husbands get credit often enough for all of the hard work they put into their families. Far too often I hear people complaining about what they did wrong rather than speaking about what was right. I love coming across posts like this. I’m sure your husband is very proud of you! Sounds like you are working very hard.
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  2. Jenny Ko

    OMG Vi, this made me tear a bit. haha that was sweet. Man, Tommy does everything!!!!!

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