A Purplicious Birthday Party

June 6, 2012 BG2, Parenting 5

I know I’m 3 months late, no excuses, but here goes.

So for BG2’s birthday I wanted to stay away from characters since I did this whole Princess Party for BG1 and there weren’t any characters BG2 really liked. I also wanted to stay away from PINK because BG1 is pink enough for all of us. And, going with the trend of the time, I wanted cupcakes. The plan was to have a purple-themed party with cupcakes, tons of pictures of BG2, and a Smash Cake shaped like a giant cupcake.

The setting was my mother’s house, as was BG1’s birthday, because it’s just a bigger house and of course, that meant there wouldn’t be a mess at my house. BUT, let me tell you there was a LOT of moving things around and cleaning up we all had to do to prepare and I went a bit psycho, as I tend to do when organizing any event, but in a good way because I get things done. Boy, you did NOT want to be apart of my wedding party, let me tell you!


Most of the decor was made by me, with help from my sister. All the cupcakes, smash cake, and lollipops were made by my wonderful sister, she loves to bake, plus it was her gift to BG2. All of the paper products for the banner and cupcake toppers were cut out from Stock Paper (all purple print designs) from Michael’s and/or AC Moore. The banner and pom-poms were held up using Command Clear Mini Hooks (I seriously love Command products, perfect for hanging up stuff without messing up your house).

First off, the banners were made using the stock paper and I bought special design scissors from AC Moore to trim the edges. After punching holes in the corners I strung it using a thin, white ribbon, tying a loop at each end and hanging using the hooks. I glued BG2’s monthly pictures to the stock paper and for the Happy Birthday banner I used foam, glittered alphabet letters in purple that you can find at any Michael’s/AC Moore in the Kid’s Crafts dept. I had to go to a few different places because it was hard getting all the letters, but it was worth it because I love the banner so much. BG1 actually has one just like it, but in pink, that was made for her 5th Birthday Party.

The foam letters should be hot-glued onto the stock paper, I just bought a regular glue gun from Michael’s. I layered the background of the banner, regular purple paper with a printed purple paper on top to add more detail to it. For the photos I just used a regular glue stick and I also hot-glued tiny purple pom-poms to the ends of the ribbon to keep the photos from falling off and add to its design. To complete the wall, I taped purple and white balloons, which I bought from Party City, on both sides of the banners to add some design to the wall.

I have this thing where I like to take professional pictures of the baby at certain points during their first year. I have shots at Day 1, 1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months, 9 Months, and 1 Year. I make sure to get a nice 8×10 of each one and frame them. Last time I positioned them strategically around the center table where all of BG1’s decor was, this time I placed them on the mantle piece above the never-been-used fire place.

The frames were simple ones I bought at Wal-Mart and the balloons were actually 36″ Round Balloons from Bargain Balloons filled with helium (Party City). The Hubbi managed to tie four regular-sized balloons to the bottom to make it look like flower.

The treats table was covered with a purple tablecloth and sprinkled with “Happy Birthday” confetti (Party City). And because the Welcome Balloon that was supposed to be outside popped, we used the stick-on letters from that on the tablecloth.

I ordered the pom-poms from Party Poms. They come pre-cut and folded, all you have to do is string and cut the included wire to the pom-pom and then fluff it up. The instructions are included and it was pretty easy to fluff, although it took a few times to get it as puffy as I wanted, but all in all it turned out cute. I cut three different lengths for the strings so I could position them like so to get a nice effect. BG2’s godfather then taped a bunch of balloons upside down on either side of the pom-poms in varying lengths. It was pretty funny trying to set this up and he didn’t mind while I sat there and told him to “take it down, put it here” or “take it down again, put it there” repeatedly.

I bought the mint tins from Beau-Coup Favors with a coupon from Living Social. Overall, I was satisfied with their mint tins, the photo and label came out a bit more faded/darker than I expected, but it still looked cute and everyone loved the mints, they said it was very tasty and it was a very popular favor at the party.

The cupcakes were decorated with purple frosting, edible pearls, and topped with BG2’s adorable face. I used stock paper, her picture (which I printed from Shutterfly and punched out with a 2″ punch from AC Moore), and lollipop sticks. I punched the stock paper with a 2.5″ scalloped punch. I used the Wilton’s wire cupcake stands, which worked out okay, but I should’ve gotten the paper tiered stands because it was a bit hard to place the cupcakes in right with the toppers. Still, it came out nice, so no worries. I also used Wilton’s Purple Dots cupcake liners since it fit perfectly with the theme, but I was sadly disappointed in them because once they were baked, they absorbed all the oil or whatever from the cupcakes and came out colorless. They practically blended into the cupcakes, not that you couldn’t peel it off, but just that it lost all its decorative effect so that was a bust. I should’ve gone with those silver foil liners instead. I managed to pull through though and just placed some of them in the unused liners after they were baked to keep it looking nice.

Ah, the smash cake. This baby took quite awhile to put together (props to my amazing sister), but such a short time to mess up, lol. First, after the cake was made, my sister frosted it and added the pearls. Then, since I didn’t want to leave the bottom bare, I bought edible cake sheets from AC Moore and we edible-spray painted it purple and she layered it on the bottom. I loved it. It was really the most adorable giant cupcake I ever saw and even though no one got to enjoy eating it, BG2 enjoyed smashing it up.

We bought the huge no. 1 candle from Party City, btw.

The favor bags were simple, paper bags that I labeled using stock paper. Inside were little toys and stickers, all from Party City. Probably the only thing that stood out was I bought each kid a color-it-yourself photo frame made out of wood in the shapes of flowers, ladybugs, and (for the boys) Spider-Man for them to decorate and use. I was really going for a photo-theme along with the purple so I made sure to include that in their bags.

Btw, the bags were originally supposed to be just purple and white, but BG1 just HAD to have a pink bag, and then we ran out so another girl got a pink bag, too.

So what do you think of it all?! Overall, I was happy and everyone was impressed with the banners and treats table. I’ll talk more about the party and post pictures about that in another post. This was definitely a fun one to plan and do, even though their wasn’t a specific theme, I still loved it.

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5 Responses to “A Purplicious Birthday Party”

  1. tiramisu

    The pictures did not do the party any just. It was amazing and I can tell how hard you worked on putting everything together. I really enjoyed the party especially the food. Yum!!!

    • Vivian

      Agreed! The quality looks a lot better, but it’s different when I upload it to the blog, lol.

    • Vivian

      Thank you! The pictures aren’t that great 🙁 But everything came out perfect so I’m happy!

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