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June 17, 2012 Bookish Events 3

You know if it’s a tour of a bunch of authors, I’ll be there. Luckily, the Fierce Reads tour made a stop in Lansing this week and I got the chance to meet some fabulous and HILARIOUS authors.

The Fierce Reads tour consists of debut authors like Emmy Laybourne – Monument 14, Jennifer Bosworth – Struck, Anna Banks – Of Poseidon, and Leigh Bardugo – Shadow & Bone. Now that’s a great lineup right there. The event was pretty sweet, and it started out with their own event trailer and song, which was awesome! After that, the trailer of each book was shown and each author got to talk about her book, her process, and things like that. Speaking of trailers, I have to say that Struck’s trailer was one of the best I’ve seen, granted I don’t usually watch any, but I loved it. It seriously made me want to read the book!

I have to say, flat out, I love Anna Banks. She is without a doubt, the snarkiest, wittiest, and funniest author I’ve met yet. My favorite line from her: She doesnt call it “writer’s block” she calls it “writer’s constipation” bc at least alittle comes out! Everyone cracked up after hearing that and then hearing her explain that everything you write during that “block” is really crap, adding to the colorful metaphor. Not only that, her main character Emma is clutzy in a “non-Bella way”, thank you very much, and she has a serious love for sasquatch, which she’s determined to make into a book one day! Oh and, in case you were wondering, Anna’s choice of book for being on a desert island would be a survival guide on being on a desert island! That lady is pretty smart, if you ask me!

I also love Leigh Bardugo, her and Anna Banks obviously have a very special friendship and putting those two next to each other was perfect! She has such personality and passion, you’re just drawn to her! She was a former makeup artist and since Anna lost her luggage today, was kind enough to do her makeup for today’s event. Sweet!

Some other things to note: Emmy’s brother compares the thrill of reading Monument 14 to falling down stairs while handcuffed! Yep, it’s THAT crazy-awesome! Jen has a title in mind for the second book in the Struck series (if there will be one, no garuntees), she’s thinking Aftershock. I like it! And since Jen ran out of swag, she is doing tarot readings for all fans who attend the remaining events and buys her book. Pretty sweet!

The event had the authors talking for quite awhile, but I honestly didn’t mind it because each had something important and memorable to say, and they did it with such energy, enthusiasm, and spunk – even after being on tour for over 10 days already. Jennifer was kind of the quiet one, Emmy was the outgoing one and a conversation starter, Anna was snarky and adorable, and Leigh was very passionate and lovable. I had a ton of fun at this event and you know what else?!

I got to me The Story Siren!!!

Yep, that’s me and Kristi. If you don’t know, Kristi is kind of a big deal in the book blogging community and I didn’t think I’d ever get the chance to meet her, but imagine my surprise when I saw her tweeting that she was coming to this event in Lansing! OMG! I had to meet her! She is honestly the nicest and sweetest gal you could meet and she screams of personality. I couldn’t be happier that I finally got to meet her, I was fangirling a little bit there inside, lol.

Anyways, overall it was a fantastic event, probably one of the best I’ve been to so far, and certainly a memorable one. I can’t wait to dive into the books I got and to give the other books a try one day.

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3 Responses to “Bookish Events – Fierce Reads at Schuler’s Books & Music”

  1. Molly Groman

    Great! I love books but I have been reading on & off fictions only.. I think I would like to review for Amazon, I have had opportunities but due to my pregnancies and other family things couldnt do it.. Now would like to start with it! Once I am able to start with reviews I would like to visit these book fests! I am sure it is a great place to make like minded friends!
    Molly Groman recently posted…The first things to doMy Profile

    • Vivian

      Yes! You were def the best surprise ever! I smile every time I think about Anna & Leigh! 🙂

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