Breaking Down the Breaking Dawn Part 2 Trailer

June 20, 2012 Movies 9

The first trailer for Breaking Dawn Part 2 was released today and the world went CRAZY!

Honestly, after seeing it myself, I got so pumped for it, I really can’t wait until November.

From the looks of it, they just might be staying true to the book and from what I can gleam via the trailer, I might actually like Kristen’s portrayal of Bella the Vampire. Lets face it, I hated her as Bella the Human, she could not pull off the REAL Bella. We all know that constipated/uncomfortable look she seems to have plastered to her face throughout all the movies, be honest!

Anyways, I thought I’d break down the awesome trailer and tell you my favorite parts:

Vampire Bella – I really like Vampire Bella so far. First off, she looks fabulous! SO much better than in Breaking Dawn Part 1, and those red eyes definitely make her look fierce. Though I don’t really care for the line “I was born to be a vampire”, because really?! Besides that though, I love her showing off her kickass-ness. She looks pretty lethal at the end!

Edward Lusts for Vampire Bella – You gotta swoon a little when Edward looks at Bella and says all those sweet things to her. I’m praying they do the Cottage Scene justice, you know the one I’m talking about! I mean, if they can pull of the Honeymoon Scene, they better make the Cottage Scene an epic display of crazy vampire love or else I’ll be very disappointed! Oh, and please, don’t leave out the part where Emmett disses them on how they didn’t break anything while sharing their newfound lust, like him & Rosalie did, lol!

Family Time – Aww, for Bella finally getting to meet Renesmee! That’s definitely an important moment because this is what she fought and gave her life for. I really love how fierce she gets in this movie, protecting her family like that. That one moment with Bella and Renesmee was very sweet and so true. Moms don’t let anyone hurt their kids! Go Mama Bella!

The EPIC (non) Battle – I’ve definitely been waiting to see this scene for the longest time. I love how they brought so many vampires together in one place, and the slew of actors they got to play them was awesome. I love Jacob’s line “A lot of red eyes around here”! You’ve got to love that moment when the wolves join the vampires. And I love Bella’s hair, lol! Finally Aro gets his time to shine, I love Michael Sheen as Aro (even though while reading I imagined him older, he still plays the part well). That waterfall scene was pretty cool too, although I don’t exactly remember where it’s from since it’s been quite awhile since I’ve read BD. Anyone?!

So what did you think of the trailer?! Counting down until November 16th?!

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9 Responses to “Breaking Down the Breaking Dawn Part 2 Trailer”

  1. Natasja

    Well I can tell you that for sure they will do the cottage scene.. A long time ago I saw some wonderful Leaked pics and those didn’t appear in BD part 1.. so We will get spoiled I think!!!

  2. Crystal

    That scene with the water, wasn’t technically in the book. I think we’re going to get demonstrations of what some of the nomads can do. Which one could control the elements? That’s what we’re seeing is my guess.

    • Vivian

      I bet they probably added that stuff just for the movie, I do remember them saying they added some new vampires, so I guess we’ll see! 🙂

    • belle

      Benjamin (Egyptian) was the controller of elements. Emmett and Rosalie don’t have special powers. If you have the BD book, there is a page at the end where it lists all the vampires and their “powers”.

  3. belle

    the waterfall scene was never depicted in the book. Edward just explained to Bella that Benjamin could control the elements and that was something very new to the vampire world.

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